This sheriff just unloaded on Joe Biden for his regime’s catastrophic failure

Joe Biden is a complete failure as President.

Of these failures, the crisis at the southern border is arguably the most egregious.

So much so that this sheriff just unloaded on Joe Biden for his regime’s catastrophic failure.

The human catastrophe at the Mexican border

Even though Joe Biden has only been in office for about a year and a half now, he has managed to destroy all of the progress Trump made to make America great again.

Just about everything in America is worse off than when Trump was President.

The cost of living is higher than ever, crime is through the roof, and the economy is in tatters.

But the one crisis that is arguably the most concerning, that does not get nearly enough press coverage, is the crisis at the southern border.

Every day, images are released of thousands and thousands of illegal aliens walking right into the United States with no end in sight. 

And while illegal immigration is undeniably bad for America, it is also bad for the immigrants who are often smuggled across the border by the drug cartels.

One person who knows all about these human traffickers is Canyon County, Idaho Sheriff Kieran Donahue.

On Fox & Friends recently, Sheriff Donahue called Biden officials tasked with the border “idiotic” and went on to say, “We’re at a crisis stage, quite frankly. We have never seen the numbers of seizures and the amounts of any drug, including methamphetamine, like we’re seeing in fentanyl.”

But if that does not scare you then hearing about his personal experiences with the drug cartels will.

Sheriff Donahue went on to say on Fox & Friends that “My family’s been threatened by these gangs, by the cartel membership. They tried to kidnap my daughter years ago. She was 16 years old. Thankfully, that case got unraveled before it actually happened.”

Why the Left is completely ignoring this full-blown crisis

After hearing the horror story that Sheriff Donahue has experienced, it is amazing that the Left is so reluctant to talk about this crisis.

There are several reasons for that.  

The first being, the Left loves illegal immigration because they know they can offer these illegal aliens premium welfare benefits on arrival, making them likely Democrat voters for life.

The next is that Democrats do not care about the small towns, such as the ones Sheriff Donahue serves, that are ravaged by illegal immigration.

As long as they are not getting votes and money from these rural towns, then they do not give a damn. 

That is why all of the corporate-controlled media sources hardly cover this important issue. 

Even admitting that this is a crisis undermines their narratives.

But the truth is, people are suffering.  

These drug cartels are terrorist organizations and Trump was right to stand up to them. 

Until Joe Biden is willing to secure the southern border, which seems very unlikely at this moment, then things will continue to get worse and worse.

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