This shocking ABC poll shows how Americans really feel about Trump’s second indictment

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Donald Trump has officially become the first President to be charged with federal crimes.

The Biden Department of Justice moved ahead with the indictment last week and it shook the country.

But this shocking ABC poll shows how Americans really feel about Trump’s second indictment.

Trump indicted under Espionage Act – but declares that he is “an innocent man”

Donald Trump took the reins last week by personally announcing the news of his second indictment. The charges come following a year-long investigation by Biden’s Department of Justice that included a shocking FBI raid on the former President’s home and the appointment of a Special Counsel.

Trump has been charged with over 30 counts of unlawful retention of documents, which will be prosecuted under the Espionage Act. If convicted on any combination of the charges, he could receive what is effectively a life-sentence for a man in his 70s.

The former President declared his innocence in a video posted to Rumble. He said that the charges brought by Jack Smith and Biden’s DOJ were a continuation of “the greatest witch hunt of all time.” He called on Americans to stand behind him while he fights for justice in his case.

Now a new poll by ABC shows what Trump should expect from the American people.

Less than half the country believe Trump was rightfully charged

Following the news of the Trump indictment, ABC/Ipsos conducted a survey of American voters to see where they lined up around the issue. It found that the country is largely divided concerning Trump’s espionage charges, mostly among Party lines. 

Nearly 9 out of 10 Democrats said that they support the move by Biden’s Department of Justice. That’s an astounding result showing the rank in file mentality of most left-leaning voters. Independents seem to put their support behind Trump, with 55 percent reporting they don’t agree with the charges.

Republicans showed less loyalty to Trump than the Democrats did to Biden. Only 1 out of 3 Republicans said that they believed the charges should have been brought forward.

Across both parties, only 48 percent of people believed that Trump was rightfully charged.

The report also showed that a lot of people are concerned about the reasoning behind the charges.

Trump vows to push forward and to investigate the Biden administration upon reelection

Americans who answered the survey showed that they don’t necessarily trust the charges against Trump. Only 37 percent of people believe that politics did not play a role in this investigation, while 47 percent believe they are meant to hurt him politically.

Trump, along with dozens of conservative commentators, have said that this is overt election interference meant to stop his 2024 candidacy. He has vowed to appoint a Special Counsel to investigate the Biden administration if elected.

The ABC poll showed that nearly half of Americans believe Trump should stop his campaign for President, while 38 percent believe he should push forward. The former President has made it clear that neither this investigation nor any conviction will stop him from pursuing a return to the White House. 

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