This shocking new Gallup poll shows a major political shift is taking place in America

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The modern-day media establishment is doing everything it can to push leftist ideologies on the country.

Hollywood influencers help push degenerative social values that support the Left’s radical indoctrination.

But now this shocking new Gallup poll shows a major political shift is taking place in America.

Gallup: Conservative social values are taking the lead in the American public

Any American who listens to the media would have to assume that the whole country has lost its mind and cultural values are decaying. While this may be true for the establishment’s cultural values, a new Gallup survey indicates a grassroots change for the better.

Gallup asks Americans where they stand on social issues each year, and they just finished the survey in May amid a massive Bud Light boycott and a grassroots movement pushing back on LGBTQ ideologies. Their report also noted intense public conversation around abortion, crime, and drug use.

The results highlighted a staggering change in political beliefs and showed a glimmer of hope for conservatism ahead of a major Presidential election. People are leaning more conservative than they have in over a decade, which was a big change from 2022.

These numbers should have Joe Biden and the radical Left feeling very nervous.

Leftists are at a 9-point deficit to conservatives on social policy

The survey found that when it comes to social issues like transgenderism, the teaching of sexuality in schools, and the legalization of drugs, 38 percent of Americans would consider themselves conservative or very conservative. This was a 5 percent jump on the same question in 2022.

Conversely, liberalism is on the decline and at a major deficit. Only 29% of Americans identified as liberal or very liberal in the May survey. This was a 3 percent drop compared to the 2022 survey data. This puts liberalism at a 9-point deficit to conservatism.

People are claiming to be conservatives at the highest level since 2012. The highest conservatism reported in the past twenty years was in 2009 at 40 percent. The current trends are showing a resurgence of conservative social values, which could make way to more conservative legislation.

It’s even possible that the radical push for leftist ideologies is driving this trend.

Public support for conservatism “may be fostering” change in the right direction

Gallup has been doing this survey for decades, and in the report, they showed the annual changes since 2000. The graph shows an interesting inverse in 2021 when liberal social policies took the top position for the first time in over twenty years. But that lead held for only two years.

In fact, this two-year period was the highest recorded number for liberalism in the past two decades, and they only hit 34 percent in 2022. Now conservatives are showing back up with a vengeance and it should be seen as a direct repudiation of the radical Left’s overt attempts to push their policies on the public.

The report noted that “greater social conservatism may be fostering an environment more favorable to passing conservative-leaning social legislation, especially in Republican-dominated states.” Conservative lawmakers need to take this momentum and run with it.

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