This shocking picture of John Fetterman will have you asking one big question

Photo by Governor Tom Wolf, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr,

John Fetterman’s controversial career in the United States Senate continues apace.

The latest Fetterman flareup has everyone talking.

And this shocking picture of John Fetterman will have you asking one big question.

An unrecognizable John Fetterman posted a picture on social media of himself sporting a mustache because he allegedly “lost a bet with Karl.”

It was a more effective disguise than Clark Kent’s glasses, as Fetterman with a mustache looked nothing like the formerly 300-pound Mayor of Braddock who sported a goatee.

One X – the app formerly known as Twitter – user replied “Karl…Marx?” 

Another asked Fetterman to complete the transformation into the communist icon, telling him “Ok but now grow out the beard.”

When Fetterman first ran for Senate, he was best known as a Bernie Sanders acolyte who wanted to bring socialism to America.

But Fetterman suffered a stroke just days before the primary, the severity of which he hid from voters because it nearly killed him.

Fetterman took months off from the campaign trail to recover, and he only returned to stump for short, scripted events, which made many believe he was suffering from serious cognitive decline.

Fetterman could not speak in coherent sentences, and during an interview with NBC’s Dasha Burns it became clear that he could not carry on a basic conversation without the assistance of computer screens and software to transcribe what the other person said.

After winning the election, Fetterman had two stints in the hospital.

Fetterman spent eight weeks in the hospital for clinical depression on his second visit.

The New York Times reported that Fetterman entered the hospital after realizing he would never fully recover from the stroke.

After returning to the Senate in April, it was obvious that Fetterman’s condition was not better, as he still struggled with his speech.

Many Americans do not believe Fetterman is up for the job as a United States Senator, but Democrats do not want him to resign.

If Fetterman quits, then there will be a Special Election in Pennsylvania in 2024 to fill his seat.

This would create a massive headache for Democrats, as they are already facing an uphill battle to maintain control of the Senate in Montana, Ohio, and West Virginia.

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