This shocking poll about how Americans view the United States will strike you with fear

Photo by Tim Mossholder from Pexels

The success of a society is often based on public perception.

This is bad news for America.

And this shocking poll about how Americans view the United States will strike you with fear.

Civilization needs a happy population

When you look throughout history at the success of civilizations, one thing you realize about them is that they are dependent upon a good public perception.

The people will revolt if they do not like the society they live in.

That’s why nations like China, which are very tyrannical and strict on citizens, try their best to keep the quality of life for their people up and provide them with amenities that you generally wouldn’t see in a communist nation.

They understand that if they have a happy society, then they have a complacent society.

Once the people become disgruntled, the government is vulnerable to collapse.

When you look at the United States, our nation has had its ups and downs, but generally people like to be an American.

There was pride and passion by people who live in this nation for what we have accomplished and what we will do in the future.

But as one shocking poll shows, that perception of pride in our nation is diminishing quickly, especially among the younger generations.

Proud to be an American?

Gallup poll has been keeping track for years of the public’s perception on if they take pride in being an American.

The most recent poll showed that only 29% of Democrats are proud to be an American compared to 60% of Republicans.

“Party identification remains the greatest demographic differentiator in expressions of national pride, and Republicans have been consistently more likely than Democrats and independents to express pride in being American throughout the trend,” Gallup wrote.

But the poll also showed that only 18% percent of people between the ages of 18-35 are extremely proud of being an American, compared to 39% of all adults.

This is only one percent above last year’s record low.

This should be very disheartening to all Americans.

No matter what you think about our nation and its current state of affairs, if the majority of Americans aren’t thrilled about our country, then we are in deep trouble.

It won’t take much to set our society over the edge with these numbers.

As Congressman Mark Alford (R-MO) stated on Twitter, “this story should concern everyone. As a country, we must inspire our young people to greatness and rekindle their belief in the idea of America – that it is the shining city on a hill.”

Hopefully, we will change the course of our nation so the people can be proud to be an American.

We have so much to admire from our past.

We just need to take back our nation and make it great again.

Are you proud to be an American?