This Soldier was stunned by what Dodge did with his brand new Challenger SRT Demon 170

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

The auto industry has come under increasing fire in recent months.

But sometimes the big automakers do the right thing.

And this Soldier was stunned by what Dodge did with his brand new Challenger SRT Demon 170.

A Dodge dealer in Flowood, Mississippi sold a soldier’s new Dodge Challenger SRT Demon 170 while he was deployed overseas.

A controversy that went all the way to the top

The excited new owner posted the details of his rare find in a Facebook group that the active duty servicemember happened to be a member of. 

After the two individuals soon connected and figured out what happened, the internet went into a fever pitch.

The controversy escalated and eventually reached Dodge CEO Tim Kuniskis, who decided to make things right.

After questioning the parties involved and reviewing all of the evidence, Kuniskis realized that Mac Haik Dodge had sold the already-reserved Challenger SRT Demon that was due for delivery to the Soldier. 

The car’s new owner was overseas on active duty and had arranged for a family member to pick up the car.

But before it was picked up, another potential buyer walked through the dealership’s doors. 

This new customer drove eight hours to look at a different Dodge Demon that had already sold and left the dealership floor. 

The dealership decided to try and fix the situation and reportedly offered up the deployed soldier’s F8 Green Demon for more than what he paid, which was already at a $50,000 markup.

But Mac Haik Dodge saw dollar signs and sold the car out from under the Soldier who had already purchased it.

The dealership tried to deny any wrongdoing

A Youtuber then released a video that provided screenshots allegedly taken in the private Facebook group where much of the situation unfolded. 

The documentation shows William LaGrange, the General Manager of a Mac Haik Chrysler franchise in Texas, denying the claims and stating no such car was ordered in the Soldier’s name.

He then accused the Demon’s original recipient for lying about being in the military.

The dealership’s employees were also reportedly instructed to just let the situation blow over.

But the news reached Dodge corporate offices and CEO Tim Kuniskis stepped in despite the dealership claiming that everything was fine. 

The deployed soldier, however, told Kuniskis that an acceptable resolution was never offered. 

The second customer who purchased the pre-reserved F8 Green Demon offered to return it to the dealership so the soldier could have it.

But it already had some miles on it and was no longer brand new, which is what the soldier ordered and paid for.

With production lines on the Challenger SRT Demon 170 already shut down, it wasn’t possible to produce another Challenger with the same specs that had been ordered.

A search on inventory at other dealerships around the country for an exact match turned up empty. 

But since Dodge had 40 Demon 170 muscle cars in reserve for its top dealers, the automaker was able to send it through the Dodge Jailbreak program to be built to the soldier’s exact specifications.

And all of it was done at the expense of Dodge. 

Dodge even sold the car to the Soldier at MSRP, saving him thousands of dollars from the originally marked up $50,000.

And to sweeten the pot, the car will be delivered to the Soldier by Jay Leno. 

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