This Super Bowl Champion just silenced the Left with these three words

Photo by Thomson20192, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia,

Super Bowl LVII is in the rearview and the Kansas City Chiefs are World Champions. 

This year’s Super Bowl was chock full of woke nonsense, including forced diversity in many commercials and segregated National Anthems. 

But this Super Bowl Champion just silenced the Left with these three words.

Conservative athletes are vilified by the press time and time again

Modern sports are loaded with politics and political messages that appease the far-Left. 

Super Bowl LVII was chock full of woke ad campaigns and even featured segregated National Anthems at the request of the NFL. 

But not all football players are buying into this woke insanity. 

One such player is Harrison Butker of the Kansas City Chiefs, who kicked the game-winning field goal on Sunday. 

Over the years, Harrison Butker has not shied away from his faith and  has proclaimed his support for the unborn time and time again. 

In the wake of the Kansas Supreme Court’s pro-abortion decision last year, Harrison Butker penned an op/ed for the Kansas Catholic Tribune

In this editorial, Harrison Butker proudly stated that “when the Kansas Supreme Court ruled that the meaning of life in the Kansas Constitution refers only to those outside the womb, they left those without a voice to be targeted by terrible legislation and outside forces.” 

He added that “the only way to defend the unborn and protect the Sanctity of Life is to amend the Kansas Constitution.”

This is a very gutsy thing to say in today’s NFL.

But Harrison Butker did not back down from his pro-life stance.

Instead, he doubled down on it.. 

“I think God has definitely given me a platform,” Butker said. “He’s given me a voice for a lot of people that aren’t able to voice their opinions. I put so much into being the best kicker I can possibly be and for whatever reason, God has allowed me to continue to be successful as a kicker. I’m so thankful for that. My success in football has given me a pedestal and I feel a responsibility to raise awareness to different issues that I think God wants me to bring to the forefront.”

More people need to take a stand for the unborn like Harrison Butker

Harrison Butker’s editorial and other public comments defending life are very brave, especially in today’s woke NFL. 

This is what real bravery looks like. 

Colin Kaepernick’s pro-crime campaigns do not even come close. 

Unfortunately, many on the Left will do everything possible to silence Harrison Butker. 

The best way to fight back against the Left is to encourage even more players and to come out in favor of life. 

As Butker said in his editorial, many people in America and in the NFL are unable to voice their opinions in favor of life for the fear that they will be attacked or turned into an outcast. 

More people must be willing to take a stand for the unborn like Harrison Butker has. 

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