This taxpayer funded group is riding to the rescue of Nancy Pelosi with one major announcement

Nancy Pelosi is fighting for her political life.

She’s got an ace up her sleeve to save her House majority.

Now this taxpayer funded group is riding to the rescue of Nancy Pelosi with one major announcement.

Midterms are just around the corner

The battle for control of Congress is heating up as campaign season kicks into high gear ahead of November’s Midterm elections.

Democrats are clinging to razor-thin majorities in both houses of Congress.

President Joe Biden’s plummeting popularity is giving Republicans an opening but Democrats aren’t going down without a fight.

Now, one of the biggest power players in left-wing politics is making a historic investment to protect and expand Democrat majorities ahead of the Midterm elections.

Planned Parenthood plans to spend BIG MONEY

Planned Parenthood Votes, and its umbrella organizations, have announced they’re making a record $50 million investment in electing pro-abortion candidates – code for Democrats –  to office.

After the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, the issue of abortions was sent back to the individual states for the people to decide.

The radical Left is furiously fighting to keep the abortion on demand industry going in the wake of the decision.

Planned Parenthood is harnessing the money and energy from pro-abortion fanatics to fuel their Midterm election efforts.

In a statement released earlier this week, the group said the money will be “strategically used to elect abortion rights champions” in states and districts across the country.

Planned Parenthood is wading into high-profile Senate races in Arizona, Georgia, and Nevada that could determine which party controls the Senate.

The group’s program intends to reach 6 million voters through digital ads, mail, and TV advertising, along with traditional get out the vote efforts, like door knocking and phone banking.

“This is an election about power and control,” Jenny Lawson, the executive director of Planned Parenthood Votes, said in the statement. “The Supreme Court and anti-abortion rights politicians have stripped people of their constitutional right to abortion and the ability to make personal healthcare decisions.”

“From now until Election Day, we’ll make sure voters know who’s on their side and channel their dissent into political power at the ballot box,” Lawson continued.

The spending is controversial since Planned Parenthood receives taxpayer funding

Planned Parenthood is spending $50 million on electing Democrats despite receiving over $500 million in taxpayer funding each year.

Democrats have fought against attempts to cut off funding for the partisan political organization and murder factory.

Now, the group is repaying Democrats by spending tens of millions of taxpayer dollars to keep them in power.

For the Midterm elections, radical pro-abortion groups Planned Parenthood Action Fund, NARAL Pro-Choice America, and EMILY’s List have announced $150 million dollars in political spending with virtually every dollar going to elect Democrats.

Democrats are hoping to hang on to control of Congress in order to get another crack at their left-wing wish list, including abortion on demand, the Green New Deal, and eliminating the Senate filibuster.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is calling in every favor she can to boost Democrats ahead of November’s Midterm elections. 

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