This top Democrat Representative just threatened a sitting Supreme Court Justice

Over the last several months, the Supreme Court has received more attention than any other time in recent memory.

Now the Left is trying to intimidate and destroy this age-old institution and branch of government. 

And things have gotten so out-of-control that this top top Democrat Representative just threatened a sitting Supreme Court Justice. 

The Left’s full-on assault on the United State Supreme Court

Ever since Donald Trump was elected President back in 2016, the Left has been on an all-out crusade on the Supreme Court. 

Every nomination Trump made to the Supreme Court was met with partisan, vicious attacks, the likes of which the Senate had not seen in years during a confirmation hearing. 

And once Trump’s three well-qualified nominations were confirmed, the Left continued their assaults in the most disgusting ways possible. 

This was no more obvious than in the aftermath of the disgraceful leak of the Dobbs decision, which overturned Roe v. Wade

The second that Politico released the draft of this groundbreaking decision, the Left went completely ballistic. 

After all, there is nothing the radical Left loves more than killing their unborn children. 

Almost immediately, elected officials such as Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez and others started calling this decision illegitimate, trying to undermine the Supreme Court. 

Others such as Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, and Chuck Schumer have issued a “call to arms.” 

Why the Left is so afraid of Justice Clarence Thomas

Out of all of the six conservative Justices on the Supreme Court, the one that always seems to get on the Left’s last nerve is Justice Clarence Thomas. 

That is because Thomas is a highly intelligent, black conservative, who takes no crap from anyone. 

He destroys all of the narratives the Left would like you to believe about black Americans, and he does so with grace, intelligence, and poise. 

And he is not going anywhere anytime soon given his lifelong appointment. 

That means the far-left has to get creative in finding a way to try and take him down. 

The latest scheme from the far-left begins with Clarence Thomas’s wife, Ginni Thomas. 

In what can best be described as a Kangaroo court, the January 6 Committee is trying its best to pin most of the blame for J6 on Ginni Thomas in order to implicate her husband. 

The ringleader of this circus is none other than Adam Schiff, who always seems to be in the middle of the Left’s whackadoo crusades. 

While on the fake news propaganda program known as CBS’ Face the Nation, Adam Schiff made the startling claim that “in this case, for Clarence Thomas to issue a decision, in a case, a dissent in a case where Congress is trying to get documents, and those documents might involve his own wife, that’s the line that’s been crossed.” 

And there you have it, as Julius Caesar once said before crossing the Rubicon, “Alea iacta est” or “the die is cast.” 

In other words, this opens the door for the Left to try and come after Thomas with impeachment threats, etc. 

There is no limit to how far the radical Left will go to take down Clarence Thomas and the Supreme Court.

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