This top GOP Senator just fired a warning shot at Fauci with this letter to the NIH

Americans are still skeptical about the origins of COVID-19.

There’s already been evidence of a possible cover up.

And this top GOP Senator just fired a warning shot at Fauci with this letter to the NIH.

Several issues have led to an active investigation

U.S. Senator Marshall has officially joined Senator Rand Paul investigating the NIH and HHS failures and malfeasance. 

Marshall fired his first warning shot at the HHS and NIH in the form of a letter to Secretary Becerra. 

The letter cites several concerning details.

Marshall stated in his letter, “HHS may have already failed its obligation to meet its record preservation requirements based on a recent letter of inquiry from the National Archives Records Administration (NARA) to NIH about allegations involving unauthorized NIH disposition of records involving shredding notes and other documents pertaining to NIH grants to EcoHealth Alliance, a nonprofit organization that funneled NIH grant funds to the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China to conduct risky viral coronavirus gain-of-function research before the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak.” 

If there are any records that indicate destruction of evidence, everyone should be greatly concerned.

Gain-of-function research isn’t something people should take lightly.

It can be argued that it is banned under biological weapons treaties.

Unfortunately, the bureaucrats charged with maintaining compliance are the ones in the hot seat.

NIH allowed to provide its own oversight in absence of more responsible parties

According to Marshall, “. . . the HHS OIG, may have a conflict of interest related to Dr. Fauci and will be unable to objectively investigate the NIH administration of grants to EcoHealth…HHS OIG assigned a cadre of special agent criminal investigators to provide exclusive executive protection services to Dr. Fauci which continue to this day.”

So, they are not only conflicted in their investigation by personal bias.

At this point, they have literally provided direct protection for Fauci.

It’s a good thing that Senator Marshall has the receipts.

He might not, if HHS hadn’t been so brazen in their corruption.

He continued, “. . .NIH has been left to self-police in several areas, most alarmingly when it comes to the risky viral gain-of-function research.”

It’s incredible that this was even allowed to happen.

Federal agencies have been corrupted so long, they forgot that people may have a problem with it.

Fortunately, NIH felt the weight of public scrutiny and, “On August 19, 2022, NIH informed Congress that due to material grant non-compliance, NIH was terminating a currently suspended grant awarded to the WIV . . . in China to conduct risky viral coronavirus gain-of-function research”

It’s about three years too late, if you ask most Americans.

This pandemic might have never happened if they’d followed the rules.

Fauci just announced his retirement but he better clear his 2023 calendar

Marshall’s letter was written in direct response to Fauci’s retirement announcement.

It reads, “In light of yesterday’s announcement that Dr. Anthony Fauci will step down from his leadership position at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and from his White House advisor role, I write this official notice for you to immediately take steps to preserve all records and information related to Dr. Fauci and Dr Francis Collins . . .”

In other words, Fauci can run but he can’t hide.

He continued, saying, “I ask that you immediately confirm that HHS is preserving these records by providing all orders, notices, and guidance given to all HHS staff regarding preservation of information related to these matters and individuals.”

America wants accountability.

The world deserves accountability.

Hopefully Senators Marshall and Paul will be able to deliver.

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