This top Republican Senator destroyed Biden’s record with just a few simple words

Joe Biden is either stubborn, dumb, being lied to, or some combination of the three.

Despite having told the American people, “The buck stops with me,” Biden appears to be blaming everyone else for the economic mess he’s created.

But thankfully this Senate Republican is holding him accountable in the most hilarious way possible.

Earlier this week, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the Consumer Price Index, a respected measure of prices for goods and services, increased 8.3% from a year ago and higher than economists projected.

In response to this grim economic report, Biden went before his friends in the Fake News Media and told them that he bears no responsibility for America’s inflation woes and placed most of the blame on the coronavirus pandemic and Russia’s war in Ukraine.

And when one “journalist” was brave enough to do their job and ask the President if his policies had any effect on inflation, Biden said, “I think our policies help, not hurt.”

The President then continued to attack Republicans, saying “Their only plan is to raise taxes on working families, taking even more money out of their pocket.”

Biden then went on to lament the fact that Congress hasn’t sent him another spending bill, which would only make inflation worse.

Biden said, “If they are serious about inflation, they should send me the bipartisan innovation bill to bolster our supply chains and make more in America, along with legislation that cuts costs and the cuts the deficit, reducing families’ prescription drug and utility bills and restoring fairness to our tax code.”

As one would expect, that didn’t sit too well with Republicans and Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) went on Jesse Watters Primetime to set the record straight.

Senator Kennedy said, “I mean, look, here’s the truth — the truth is that the Biden administration just keeps kicking its own ass . . . After 14 months, we know that President Biden believes in bigger government, higher taxes, more spending, more debt, more regulation, a weaker military, open borders, taxpayer-funded abortion-on-demand, and turning cops into social workers.”

But thankfully the good Senator from Louisiana wasn’t finished blasting Biden for his lies.

Senator Kennedy continued, “The American people see this — they see that after 14 months, nothing is built, nothing is back, and nothing is better — and that’s why when you poll it, the American people say the country is headed in the wrong direction.”

Sen. John Kennedy is absolutely right.

Joe Biden and the Democrats have mistakenly believed that they can print and spend as much money as they’d like and suffer no economic consequences for it.

But unfortunately for Americans, Congress’ chickens have finally come home to roost and we are now feeling the pain.

And what makes matters worse is the fact that we have a President who either cannot or will not understand that government spending always leads to more inflation and that his policy prescriptions would only throw gasoline onto the raging dumpster fire that is America’s economy.

Hopefully someone close to the President can teach him this basic economic fact before he plunges the country into another great depression.

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