This top Republican Senator just dropped a truth bomb on Biden for raising gas prices on purpose

Across the nation, gas prices are reaching levels that were once unthinkable.

In some parts of this country, prices are getting close to the double digits with no end in sight.

And this top Republican Senator just dropped a truth bomb on Biden for raising gas prices on purpose.

Gas prices are a major indication of how the economy is fairing.

And it goes without saying that our economy is a total mess thanks to Joe Biden and the radical Left forcing their extreme Green New Deal policies down Americans’ throats.

As a direct result, gas is becoming unaffordable for many Americans, leaving them stranded.

To make matters worse, these high gas prices have a trickle down effect on other prices, as it is now more expensive than ever to ship most goods.

Americans are suffering, and make no mistake, Joe Biden is to blame.

Just a couple weeks ago in fact, Joe Biden and his handlers purposefully terminated leases for oil drilling in the gulf of Mexico and Alaska.

And let’s not forget that the very first thing Joe Biden did as President was to terminate the Keystone XL pipeline, which would’ve carried cheap oil from Canada to refineries in Texas.

At this point it seems as if Joe Biden and his handlers are doing everything possible to increase the price of gas.

And if it seems that way to you, it’s because it is.

Senator Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee called out this scheme just the other day, and it makes complete sense.

Senator Blackburn argued, “Look, they don’t want us to be producing energy. They want us to be dependent on other countries. They like $5 a gallon gas, and they’ve got it”

She went on to say, “And when you look at the fact that they will not give drill permits, they will not look at domestic production, being energy dominant, that tells you they are not going to deal with higher inflation.”

And she’s exactly right.

Joe Biden and his handlers have made it their mission from day one to completely undo everything Trump did to make this nation energy independent.

But Joe Biden will not be able to keep this act up for long.

Americans are fed up, and nothing mobilizes voters quite like record high gas prices.

Expect Democrats to take a major hit at the polls this November, especially if prices continue to rise, which they certainly will at this rate.

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