This top Republican’s plan to get Kamala to visit the border will make you laugh out loud

Kamala Harris’ approval rating is so low that some are starting to think she’s an even bigger failure at being Vice President than Joe Biden is at being President.

And there is no bigger an example of Kamala’s failings than the continuing crisis at the southern border.

It’s gotten so bad that this top Republican has devised a hilariously clever way to get Kamala to do her job and visit the border.

Suffering at the southern border

If you are curious as to how bad things have gotten at America’s southern border, it’s bad.

Since Biden and Kamala took office, the government has recorded nearly three million encounters with border crossers and illegal aliens.

May not only marked three consecutive months of record-breaking migrant encounters, but also recorded a two decade high of encounters.

The numbers of “kids in cages” the media cared so much about during the Trump administration, have also drastically increased.

In fact, it has gotten so bad that the Biden-Harris administration has started implementing a plan to drop off illegal aliens in cities and towns hours away from the border in order to give overwhelmed border communities a financial reprieve from the constant bombardment of illegals.

In other words, instead of actually reducing the flow of illegal immigration, Biden and Harris are just spreading it around.

But along with record breaking levels of illegal immigration has come record levels of crime and human suffering.

Increased reports of violence, human trafficking, sexual assault, and drug smuggling, specifically fentynal, have all been documented under Kamala’s watch.

And as if that’s not bad enough, in May, the U.S. Border Patrol caught fifteen people trying to cross the border who were on the FBI’s terrorist watch list, setting an all time high that equals the total number of terrorists caught at the border in 2021 and more than the Border Patrol found from 2017 to 2020 combined.

Needless to say, things at America’s southern border have gone from bad to worse to a full scale humanitarian crisis in just under two years because of failed open border policies of the Biden-Harris administration.

And why Vice President Harris deserves much of the blame is because one of the first tasks Joe Biden assigned her was to take care of this growing crisis at the border.

Perhaps things have gotten this bad because the Vice President has been somewhat reluctant to actually visit the border and see with her own eyes the atrocities she helped create.

Of borders and basketball

But it turns out that curbing the flow of illegal immigration isn’t the only thing Kamala Harris is terrible at.

During a Title IX 50th Anniversary Field Day event at American University, the Vice President took time to shoot some hoops with female students.

However, what was supposed to be a quick publicity stunt, quickly turned into another cringe-worthy gaffe for Harris and her staff.

After her staff tweeted out an edited video of the Vice President sinking a basket in one shot, the full footage was leaked and showed that Harris previously took five embarrassingly terrible shots before eventually sinking the sixth.

This cringe-worthy footage became an instant viral sensation and when Florida Congresswoman Kat Cammack, a former athlete, was asked about it she said, “You know, when I saw the unedited footage, it looks like she could use a little bit of work on, not just her foot work, but her technique and her form. But I’m happy to assist.”

But Rep. Cammack was not finished with the Vice President and issued this challenge saying, “In fact, I challenge her to a one-on-one [game] and we’ll see how that goes. Maybe we can put some policy on the line . . . if I win, she has to go to the border.”

Now, it is highly unlikely that such a game would ever take place, especially with those stakes, but stranger things have happened in Washington, D.C.

And while it may be seen as poor taste to make light of the humanitarian crisis at the southern border, it was certainly a clever way for Rep. Cammack to get the media to focus on a very real issue instead of simply mocking Kamala’s basketball skills or lack thereof.

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