This top Senate candidate in Ohio just made a total fool of himself when this video went viral

With the November Midterm elections on the horizon, candidates are making their closing arguments to voters. 

But it almost goes without saying that some candidates are better than others when it comes to drawing a crowd. 

And this top Senate candidate in Ohio just made a total fool of himself when this video went viral.

Some Democrats will never be able to move past the COVID frenzy

It is election season and candidates are doing everything possible to make a last-minute push before voters head to the voting booths, or in some cases mailboxes. 

Many candidates have decided to hold large, Trump-style campaign rallies, while others are hitting the road to attend other major events to get their name out there one last time. 

But if you are Tim Ryan of Ohio, then apparently large rallies are off the table. 

This was made painfully obvious when Tim Ryan, the Democrat hopeful for Ohio’s Senate race held a campaign rally that was attended by just 19 people, all of whom were socially distanced and wearing masks. 

More specifically, the event was labeled a “Town Hall” and was held at the Bethel AME Church. 

J.D. Vance, the Republican nominee for Senate, addressed this embarrassingly small crowd by saying sarcastically that “I woke up today feeling really good about our campaign,” Vance went on to say, “But then I saw this massive and enthusiastic crowd, addressed by masked Tim Ryan, and realized we could be in trouble.”

All joking aside, this is not a good sign for Democrats and Tim Ryan.  

It appears as if there is no energy behind their campaigns, which could spell disaster for Democrats in Ohio. 

What this clip also shows is that Democrats are still more paranoid than ever about COVID, which should alarm everyone. 

The fact that half of the country is still out of touch on the COVID issue proves that if Democrats keep control then more COVID lockdowns could be on the table. 

America cannot afford more Democrat control

If Democrats are able to hold onto one or both chambers of Congress this November, then the future of America will be very bleak. 

Democrats have absolutely destroyed America over the last two years, and it is time for some serious change in Washington, D.C. 

Voters are fed up with all of the baseless witch hunts going on along with all of the other damage Democrats have done to the economy. 

Ohio will be a major focus moving forward, as this state is crucial for both parties. 

All eyes will be on Ohio this election day, but the good news is, polls show that J.D. Vance has opened up a decent lead. 

But it’s important that voters don’t rest on their laurels. 

Conservatives need to show up in droves if they hope to overcome the Left’s well-funded political machine. 

The alternative is two more years of Joe Biden, Chuck Schumer, and Nancy Pelosi running this nation into the ground with their horrible policies.  

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