This top Senator is finally standing up to the unhinged pro-abortion mob

Following the landmark Dobbs decision, which at long last overturned Roe v. Wade, the radical Left has become completely unhinged. 

Nobody is safe from their rage and violence, and the actions of the pro-abortion Left in recent days has been terrifying and appalling. 

But this top Senator is finally standing up to this unhinged pro-abortion mob. 

The Left is in full panic mode following the Dobbs decision

Almost immediately after a draft of the landmark Dobbs decision was disgracefully leaked to Politico several weeks before its official announcement, the Left became completely unhinged. 

There is just something about losing the ability to kill their children on-demand across the country that infuriates the pro-abortion Left. 

Instead of handling this loss with civility, the Left has predictably reacted with chaos, violence, and acts of outright terrorism. 

The first reaction came in the form of rioting in many major cities across the nation, including protests outside of the homes of conservative Supreme Court Justices, which is against federal law. 

These illegal protests eventually led to the attempted assassination of conservative Justice Brett Kavanaugh by a radicalized far-left terrorist. 

In addition to these illegal protests and assassination attempt, protests were seen at churches across the nation and many pregnancy crisis centers were vandalized and bombed. 

To make matters worse, these acts of terror were encouraged by Democrat politicians such as Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, Senator Chuck Schumer, and Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. 

These disgraceful politicians are egging their supporters on to become militant and violent and in order to prevent any more damage, lawmakers will need to crack down on this left-wing extremism. 

Josh Hawley is standing up against the pro-abortion mob

Fortunately, not all of the politicians in Washington, D.C. are pro-abortion America-hating Marxists. 

Just recently, Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri introduced a bill called The Pregnancy Resource Center Defense Act, which would increase the penalties for attacks on places of worship, including crisis pregnancy centers. 

To be more exact the bill increases the penalties for these acts of violence “from a misdemeanor to a felony for first-time offenses and increases the criminal fine from $10,000 to $25,000” 

The bill also increases the mandatory minimum for arson from five years to seven.

Although this bill is a great step in the right direction, it has little to no chance of passing in this current Congress. 

Not only is the House still controlled by Nancy Pelosi, but the Senate also tilts towards the pro-abortion Democrats as well. 

And unsurprisingly, Joe Biden and his handlers would never sign this common-sense bill.

The truth is, the pro-abortion Left is unwilling to prevent violence as long as that violence helps to intimidate their political enemies. 

These communists will not rest until every American has taxpayer-paid access to unlimited and unrestricted abortions. 

That is why now is the time to ensure that these acts of terrorism from the far-left are not tolerated and punished severely. 

This November gives Americans an opportunity to change the makeup of Congress as well as their state and local governments, which gives pro-life Americans the best chance to protect themselves from this unhinged mob. 

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