This top Senator just dropped a truth bomb on Joe Biden’s foreign policy

Joe Biden’s foreign policy is a complete and total train wreck. 

Now Americans are paying the price for Joe Biden’s incompetency. 

And this top Senator just dropped a truth bomb on Joe Biden’s foreign policy.

Joe Biden’s failed foreign policy is putting American lives in danger

When it comes to the disastrous Biden Presidency, Joe Biden’s foreign policy may easily be its worst feature. 

On day one, Joe Biden and his cronies in Washington, D.C. abandoned former President Trump’s America First agenda and overnight America’s standing on the world stage became damaged and severely diminished. 

The most dramatic example is America’s relationship with the People’s Republic of China, which has been completely upended by Joe Biden. 

China, which has emerged as an international superpower, has made significant gains on Joe Biden’s watch, and foreign policy experts are terrified about what the future will now hold. 

The extent of the damage Joe Biden has done on this front was made abundantly clear by Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin on Fox News. 

Senator Ron Johnson was asked by host Maria Bartiromo about what he expects from President Biden’s meeting with Chinese dictator Xi Jinping, which happened last Monday. 

Senator Johnson sharply replied “It’s hard to say. We’ll get some kind of readout from it. But again, I just — my feeling is that Joe Biden is highly compromised.” 

He went to say, “Why else would we cancel the China Initiative — the DOJ program designed to investigate China’s theft of our intellectual property from colleges and universities?”  

He ended by arguing, “It made no sense whatsoever.  There’s only one explanation: Joe Biden is compromised.”

Well, it looks like Senator Ron Johnson was exactly right, once again. 

Biden’s meeting with President Xi was a complete and total disaster, with Joe Biden failing to stand up to China on anything significant. 

The only thing Joe Biden was able to take from the meeting was a bogus and empty pledge from Communist China to not invade Taiwan, which is reminiscent of Nazi Germany’s early pledges to not invade Poland or France in the late 1930s. 

Joe Biden is playing a very dangerous game with China

When it comes to China, and other high-profile advisors for that matter, Joe Biden is doing everything in his ability to put America last. 

China is on the march, there is no way of denying it. 

Whether it be their ambitious Belt and Road Initiative, which is geared to take over world commerce, or their building of military bases across the world, America and her interests are in serious jeopardy. 

Now more than ever before is the time to stand up to Communist China. 

But instead, Joe Biden is doing everything he can to bow down to them and their evil regime. 

Joe Biden is either compromised by China, or he has no idea what he is doing.  

The reality is most likely some combination of the two.

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