This top swing state Democrat just called for something that will leave you red with rage

In the past couple of years, Democrats have proven how out of touch they are with American citizens.

This lack of an ability to relate to the concerns of their constituents were on full display in a recent Democrat primary debate.

In that debate, one high-ranking Democrat called for something that will leave you red with rage.

Democrats are fighting to retain their slim majorities in the U.S. House and Senate during the 2022 midterms.

Just a handful of House seats and a net pick up of a single Senate seat will give the GOP control of the legislature for the remainder of President Joe Biden’s term in the Oval Office.

One of the key races that will determine which party has the majority in the upper chamber come 2023, is the Senate race in Pennsylvania.

Both the Republican and Democrat primaries are crowded with hopefuls.

The Democrat candidates recently took the stage for a primary debate.

It was on that very stage that one of the frontrunners to win the nomination showed just how out of touch he is with Keystone State families.

In the midst of a four-decade high inflation rate, record-high gas prices, and surging housing costs, Rep. Conor Lamb thought of another way to hit Americans in the wallets.

Rep. Lamb believes the way to combat 40+ year inflation is by passing a federal stimulus package.

Lamb admits Congress would need to raise taxes to pass the stimulus.

To sum up, the Representative from Allegheny County believes more federal spending will solve inflation, and that Americans suffering enough from inflation to need a stimulus should also pay higher taxes.

Lamb also doesn’t believe a federal gas tax holiday will help assuage the pain at the pump American workers are feeling.

“Talking about repealing the federal gas tax or clean technologies of the future and all of this other stuff — it sounds great,” Rep. Lamb said. “Not a single one of them will result in you walking out one day and paying a lower price at the gas pump.”

It is difficult to understand how Rep. Lamb can say a gas tax moratorium wouldn’t result in Americans paying less for gas.

The federal gas tax alone is 18.3-cents per gallon.

Add on that, in Pennsylvania, there is a 58-cent state gas tax.

That’s more than 76-cents per gallon – or $11.40 in taxes alone to fill up a standard 15-gallon gas tank.

Other Democrat candidates on the dais included, Lt. Gov. John Fetterman, State Representative Malcolm Kenyatta, and community organizer Alexandria Khalil.

The candidates spent much of the debate bickering over who is the most electable of the group – and arguing over pressing issues like whether pot should be legal.

In a recent Franklin and Marshall College poll, Lt. Gov. Fetterman led the field with 41% support of Democrat voters, compared to 17% for Rep. Lamb and 4% for State Rep. Kenyatta.

The winner of the Democrat nomination will face off against the winner of the Keystone State GOP primary.

That too is a crowded field.

The latest polling in the Republican primary race from Trafalgar Group has Trump-endorsed Dr. Oz leading the pack with 23% support of GOP voters, businessman David McCormick in second with 20%, political commentator Kathy Barnette at 18%, Trump’s Ambassador to Denmark Carla Sands at 11% and the rest of the candidates in single digits.

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