This UFC fighter just made a leftist pay the price for calling him a Nazi

Social Justice Snowflakes like to think they can go around accusing conservatives of terrible things without a spec of evidence. 

Most conservative roll their eyes and move along. 

But this UFC fighter wasn’t going to tolerate a leftist calling him a Nazi. 

The National Football League, National Basketball Association, Major League Baseball, even the National Hockey League, and NASCAR have all decided to placate the woke mob. 

But not the Ultimate Fighting Championship. 

Former Middleweight Champion Colby “Chaos” Covington actively campaigned for former President Donald Trump and even received a phone call from the then-President following one of his victories. 

Inaugural UFC “BMF” Champion, Jorge Gamebred Masvidal went as far as organizing the Cuban vote for Trump and has been important in the Hispanic vote in Florida swinging red. 

And of course, the President of UFC, Dana White has been an outspoken Trump supporter from day one. 

White has made it no secret he supports the 45th President of the United States and routinely rushes to Trump’s defense in the sports media.

And then there’s former StrikeForce Champ, Jake Shields. 

Shields doesn’t appreciate leftists labeling conservative Americans with negative insults without evidence. 

And the former Middleweight Champion just made a fellow fighter regret calling him a Nazi – and it was all caught on camera. 

“Finally ran into the bitch Mike Jackson,” Shields tweeted. He quickly discovered the difference between calling people Nazis in-person vs. on Twitter. This racist is lucky so many people were there to save his pathetic racist ass.”

Mike Jackson is most famous for having a win over former WWE star CM Punk reversed. 

The Welterweight has called Shields a “Nazi,” a “white nationalist,” and accused him of displaying “white fragility.”

In an interview with MMA Junkie, Shields said when he saw Jackson at the PI he reminded him, “You said you would fight me when you saw me, that I was too scared of you in my white fragility.”

“I got out of the cage, went over, slapped him, picked him up, threw him on the ground, slapped him a few times. I didn’t punch him because, you know, you punch men. You slap bitches.”

Jackson is threatening legal action against Shields. 

Meanwhile, Shields wants a chance to finish things man-to-man. 

Shields has invited Jackson to come settle things in the cage at Xtreme Couture – where Shields is a top trainer. 

“For those who don’t know [Mike Jackson] is fighter who is a black nationalist,” Shields said. “He’s 3/4 white and grew up playing lacrosse. He’s called me a Nazi and said white people are no better than cockroaches.”

Shields has also told UFC President Dana White that he would gladly come out of retirement to put an end to Jackson’s fighting career. 

“Hey [Dana White], can I come back and retire Mike Jackson?” Shields requested via a tweet. “Nobody likes that racist clown.”

What is the least woke sports league?