This video of a highly-advanced robot should help ease the fear over Artificial Intelligence

Phot by Kindel Media from Pexels

The American public is being led to believe that Artificial Intelligence will destroy their lives.

The typical sci-fi thriller comes to mind where super-intelligent computers power killer robots.

But this video of a highly-advanced robot should help ease the fear over Artificial Intelligence.

Researchers in the United Kingdom showcase the “world’s most advanced robot”

If you’re paying attention to industry leaders, you’d be pretty sure that Artificial Intelligence was about to destroy our society. People are warning about language models becoming sentient and ultimately taking over jobs, going into battle, and even upending government order.

Researchers at Engineered Arts, an AI startup based in the UK, are showcasing what they call the “world’s most advanced robot,” but it’s really not that impressive. Ameca is incredibly life-like and can mimic a variety of facial expressions. However, the robot stops short of actual intelligence.

In a video posted to their YouTube channel, Engineered Arts showed a short interaction with Ameca and what her language skills could do. Ameca told the researcher that its demonstration showed “how far AI technology has come in such a short amount of time.”

The important point to take home is that its demonstration was far from impressive or scary.

Researcher instructs Ameca to tell a unique joke

In the video, the researcher asks Ameca to tell him a joke. Normally, the response from AI assistants would involve a laundry list of jokes that the program can find online. In this case, it was clear that Ameca was instructed to come up with its own joke. 

When prompted to tell a joke, the robot said “I recently heard a joke about an AI robot that was so advanced it could solve any problem,” but then stopped abruptly. “Tell me the joke then,” the researcher responded.

“He asked the robot, ‘what is 2+2?’ “ Ameca continued. “The robot replied 4.” This led the researcher to question the joke, asking “why is that funny?” and “did you do the punchline?” 

The robot went on with its joke, but it didn’t get any funnier from there.

Ameca got stuck in a loop of adding numbers together and thought it was funny

“The punchline is that the scientist was so impressed he asked the robot, ‘what is 4+4?’” Ameca continued. “The robot replied 8.”. The researcher had to probe further, asking “what happened next?” “The scientist was so impressed he asked the robot what 8+8 was?” Ameca replied.

Clearly confused and curious about where it would go next, the researcher asked Ameca to continue with the joke.  “The robot replied 16,” Ameca said. The researcher showed his confusion by asking if Ameca was going to say something amazing or just continue to add numbers.

“No, that’s the end of the joke,” Ameca said.

Artificial Intelligence will undoubtedly make the world different, but it’s clear that these language models are far from super-intelligent. Comedians, at least for now, don’t have to worry about AI taking their jobs.

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