This YouTuber decided to experiment with his Cybertruck and discovered something that went terribly wrong

Erik Drost, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Tesla’s new Cybertruck has been making the headlines thanks to a massive recall and other issues.

The strange-looking electric vehicle just went under the microscope again for a different reason.

And this YouTuber decided to experiment with his Cybertruck and discovered something that went terribly wrong.

YouTuber experiments with Cybertruck “frunk” sensor on video

A man by the name of Jeremy Judkins decided to test out a feature of his Tesla Cybertruck’s stainless steel “frunk” on video.

The YouTube personality reviews Tesla products and has approximately 170,000 subscribers.

The frunk is the front trunk of Cybertrucks and other EVs that use this empty space for extra storage since it doesn’t have a standard engine.

During the test, Judkins wanted to see how the Cybertruck detected obstructions while closing the frunk before and after installing a software update.

The Youtuber used a variety of fruits and vegetables to determine its sensitivity.

He starts by showing a cucumber, a carrot, and a banana being sliced in half by the side of the frunk when it closes.

Judkins also used an eggplant, but it didn’t endure a fate quite as severe as the other produce.

“It is destroying everything. This is before the software update, everything is pretty much damaged,” he said.

Judkins shows how and why he decided to perform the test, as the EV screen notes that a software update will make it so the “frunk can better detect obstructions just before it finishes closing.”

The video experiment then moved to his arm, his hand, and his pointer finger.

His arm and hand were detected with no problems.

However, when he tests his finger, he starts to look nervous when the frunk starts to close on it.

At this point, viewers can see that his finger gets stuck and ends up with an awful-looking indentation.

“I feared for my finger for a second, not gonna lie. While the new Cybertruck update does protect your banana, your finger is still at risk. They have some work to do,” he said.

He added that the frunk “kind of locked down and I was a little bit freaked out because I didn’t know how to open it.”

Cybertruck under fire

Fortunately, Jeremy was eventually able to safely wriggle his finger away, which finally activated the sensor and prevented more damage to his hand.

However, the expensive Cybertruck has been under fire lately after Tesla recalled 3,878 of them over a potentially fatal problem with the gas pedal.

Tesla had to correct a problem that caused the pedal to stick, which made the vehicle accelerate accidentally and increased the risk of a crash.

The EV maker also released a new safety update for the frunk after several drivers posted viral videos showing the hatch crushing different objects.

Judkins said he was lucky because the frunk finally “detected resistance and opened,” but things could have been much worse.

Several media outlets, including the New York Post, have asked Tesla for comment, but they have not received a response at the time of publishing.

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