Thomas Massie blasted Joe Biden’s latest gun control order as pure “science fiction”

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Joe Biden traveled to California to announce his latest attempt to take guns away from law abiding Americans.

According to Congressman Thomas Massie (R-KY), there was a very good reason Biden chose California for the announcement.

And Thomas Massie blasted Joe Biden’s latest gun control order as pure “science fiction.”

The leftist goal of universal gun confiscation is on the march.

And President Joe Biden is doing all he can to help usher in the total destruction of the Second Amendment.

“Where gun control laws have long failed”

Joe Biden traveled to Monterey Park, California, to stump for his new gun control directive.

In Biden’s words, his new executive order will take “every lawful action possible to move us as close as we can to universal background checks without new legislation.”

Congressman Thomas Massie of Kentucky said Biden chose California to announce such an order because it is where gun control laws have long failed.

And according to Massie, Biden’s gun control advocacy led him to a “virtual gun-free zone” still wracked with violent crime. 

“[California has] got a higher-than-average mass public shooting per capita and they’ve got some of the strictest gun laws,” Massie said. 

“In fact, he went to Los Angeles County. Unless you’re white and well-connected, you probably can’t get a permit to carry a concealed firearm there. Fewer than 1-in-5,000 have a concealed carry permit in Los Angeles County.”

“So he went to a virtual gun-free zone to announce these programs, and one of the things that he said he’s going to do… is to somehow achieve what he calls universal background checks,” Massie added.

Would not have prevented any public shooting

Massie further said that the actual definitions behind Biden’s gun grab jargon would not have prevented any public shooting “in this century.” 

The Kentucky Congressman added that both Democrat-controlled Maryland and New York tried one of the reforms set forth in Biden’s executive order with no results.

“Maybe [Biden] went to Hollywood because two of his policies are based in science fiction,” Massie quipped. 

“One of them is this ‘ballistics database’ where you’re going to take a fingerprint of a gun using the shell casing or the bullet. New York and Maryland tried this program. They spent tens of millions of dollars and after 15 years, never solved a single crime.”

Massie added that Biden has pledged to seek out “undetectable firearms,” saying that if a gun does not have a metal barrel or brass casing it will maim the shooter.

“Just science fiction”

“So two of his policies are just science fiction. Maybe that’s why he went to Hollywood,” Massie continued.

Biden’s executive order is intended to increase the number of background checks to buy guns, promote more secure firearms storage, and ensure U.S. law enforcement agencies are “getting the most” out of the gun control law enacted last year.

Biden said he will also be directing his Cabinet to make sure law enforcement agencies understand the benefits of the new law. 

He pointed out specifically red flag laws, which are intended to remove guns from people to “prevent them from hurting themselves or others.”

Of course, the problem is these red flag laws are based on anyone reporting someone as a potential threat, meaning Americans can lose their Second Amendment rights with no due process.

While the new executive order is almost certainly unconstitutional, it will take years to work through the courts.

In the meantime, the order will remain in effect.

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