Thomas Massie just threw down the gauntlet to Joe Biden over funding for Ukraine

The Russian invasion of Ukraine keeps dragging on.

Now Joe Biden wants to send even more taxpayer money to the war.

But Thomas Massie just threw down the gauntlet to Joe Biden over funding for Ukraine.

The Biden administration has sent tens of billions of dollars to Ukraine in their fight against Russia.

There is no doubt that the Putin regime in Russia is a bad one and that they are actively seeking to annex much of Europe they lost after the Cold War.

And while many at one time believed it was the right thing, struggling Americans are starting to wonder where it’s all going.

On course to spend $100 billion

As it stands now the Biden administration has sent more than $18 billion to help Ukraine in its war with Russia.

And we aren’t done yet.

In fact, Congressman Massie (R-KY) says at our current rate we will spend double what we spent in Afghanistan, which was some $50 billion a year.

Massie, who made his remarks recently on Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson Tonight called for more scrutiny into the billions of taxpayer dollars being sent to fund the defense effort in Ukraine.

The conservative Kentucky Republican made the clear case for a full audit and inspector general investigation of what has already been sent to the war-torn nation before Congress appropriates any more money for Ukraine.

“Senator Rand Paul tried to make the stand in the Senate, only got 11 of his colleagues there to agree that we need an Inspector General. Look, in Afghanistan, we were spending about $50 billion a year. We’re on course to spend about twice of that in Ukraine, and we had an Inspector General in Afghanistan. We absolutely need one here,” Massie said.

All sorts of waste and abuse

Massie continued by pointing out the appalling amount of waste and abuse in the money sent to Afghanistan.

“We found all sorts of waste fraud and abuse from Inspector General John Sopko, so we need one here in the Ukraine immediately, and we shouldn’t be spending any more money.” 

Massie continued, “And there’s one other thing we should demand. You know, the guy that you quoted there said, we’ll do it for as long as it takes. The thing we never had in Afghanistan, and we don’t have in Ukraine, is what is your definition of victory? Are you going to retake Crimea? What’s your definition of victory? The American voters deserve to know.”

Tucker Carlson pointed out that the real goal of Biden and the Left is regime change in Russia, not the defense of Ukraine.

If we were truly interested in defending Ukraine we would make certain our tens of billions of dollars was going for that, and that alone.

What are they trying to hide?

But that isn’t the way the Left operates. 

They don’t care about waste, fraud, and abuse, as long as they achieve what they want.

The Democrats, and many Republicans, are refusing to accept an audit or inspector general because they know what will be found.

That’s why they oppose efforts by Massie, Rand Paul, and others who just want to make sure taxpayer dollars are being spent wisely.

Of course, we now know that Ukrainian leader Zelenskyy was funneling money to his family, and to make huge investments in cryptocurrency.

And we also now know that rather than using the money for their defenses against Russia, much of the money went to the very people who are lobbying for more money to Ukraine.

What is also being covered up is Hunter Biden’s relationship with Ukraine and Joe Biden’s actions as Vice President to aid his wayward son in securing and keeping lucrative contracts with Ukrainian officials.

As they say, sunlight is the best disinfectant and the House shouldn’t authorize another dime for Ukraine until Americans know where their money is going.

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