Tim Allen can’t stop smiling about partnering with this Home Improvement icon for his upcoming series

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America doesn’t deserve the level of greatness heading our way.

If Shifting Gears is anything like Home Improvement, then it will be the best thing in 2024.

And Tim Allen can’t stop smiling about partnering with this Home Improvement icon for his upcoming series.

2024 really sucks

If you have this weird feeling that 2023 sucked and 2024 is looking worse, then don’t feel bad because it’s true.

Americans just can’t catch a break.

Our paychecks are shrinking as taxes and inflation skyrocket.

You have crime affecting small towns across America that have never seen this level of criminal activity before.

Our southern border doesn’t exist as thousands of illegal aliens enter the country on a daily basis.

Kids are being brainwashed at school into believing some of the most radical ideas ever known to man.

And when they come home from school, they are hit with hours of propaganda on social media.

These factors alone would make 2024 one of the worst years on record for the average American.

We are not even halfway through the year and we are heading into an election, where a vegetable in Joe Biden could easily win re-election for President.

Needless to say, not only are we getting hammered this year on multiple fronts, but there is also no end in sight and nothing to look forward to for the rest of the year.

Thankfully, Tim Allen is still kicking.

That’s because few things will cheer up middle America like a Tim Allen sitcom.

His witty and family-friendly humor has been on full display in many classics, like Last Man Standing and Home Improvement.

And America already has one thing to brighten up 2024, as homes will be blessed with another Tim Allen sitcom when ABC airs Shifting Gears later this fall.

But news just broke that made the pending release of Shifting Gears even more exciting for families.

It was announced that ABC is reuniting Tim Allen with Home Improvement icon, John Pasquin.

Home Improvement duo is here to save the year

Most may not know that John Pasquin is one of the best directors in Hollywood.

Some of his best work has been when he is paired up with Tim Allen.

The duo made some of America’s favorites, like The Santa Clause and Joe Somebody.

But John really shows his directing talent in TV sitcoms.

He was a director for Roseanne, Last Man Standing, and Home Improvement.

And he just signed on to direct Tim Allen’s new sitcom Shifting Gears.

This is exactly what America needs to get through 2024.

People are already tired of the 2024 election.

But at least we all have this new sitcom to look forward to as we head into the fall.

Only time will tell if Shifting Gears lives up to the expectations of Last Man Standing and Home Improvement.

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