Tim Allen just called the Left “unAmerican” for making this radical request

Screenshot via YouTube, Jimmy Kimmel Live

Hollywood has tried to get rid of Tim Allen, but he’s too funny to be canceled.

Allen keeps coming back despite numerous attempts by the woke mob to silence the outspoken comedian.

And now Tim Allen just called the Left “unAmerican” for making this radical request. 

The target on Tim Allen’s back

Of course, Tim Allen is known for his massive hits like Home Improvement, Toy Story, and The Santa Clause.  

But the comedian has earned a large and loyal following by speaking his mind, even when his opinions run counter to the left-wing Big Media narrative.

This has made Allen a top target of the cancel culture mob. 

Despite strong ratings, his incredibly successful show, Last Man Standing, where he plays “everyman” Mike Baxter, was canceled when ABC caved-in to pressure from the thought police. 

The show was later picked up by Fox for its final season.

Allen faced the wrath of the woke mob when he criticized Disney for putting an unnecessary gay kiss in the children’s movie Lightyear.

That was after Disney decided not to use Allen – the long-time voice of space commander Buzz Lightyear – in the spinoff movie and replaced him with woke actor Chris Evans. 

And left-wing critics tried to dissuade people from watching Allen’s new Christmas series, The Santa Clauses on Disney+, because of a joke he makes in one of the episodes about “keeping Christ in Christmas.”

The Left demands Allen change his act

And now the woke mob is once again marching on the Right-leaning funnyman. 

Last year, Allen tweeted out a pretty innocent joke at President Joe Biden’s expense. 

Ever since that moment, woke radicals have been calling on Allen to change his comedy routine to be more politically correct and sensitive. 

“I posted it on Twitter for a lark,” Allen said of the tweeted joke. “And my God, the internet blew up! Colbert, Kimmel, and Fallon almost every night, and Saturday Night Live every week, did quote-unquote ‘jokes’ about the former President [Trump] for years and it became normal. I did one softball gag about Biden, and it was as though I’d committed a crime. Because I posted that, I’m immediately a Trump-lover, I ‘hate gay people,’ ‘hate women,’” Allen said. 

“There’s a list of identity-politic bullet points, and as an anarchist comedian, none of them fit me,” Allen said. “I’m not saying you don’t deserve to have an opinion, but when you want to cancel me or shut me up because my opinion doesn’t agree with yours, that’s different than free speech. That’s not American.”

After calling the Left’s war on free speech unAmerican, Allen added that things have gotten so bad he has to give trigger warnings at his stand-up comedy sets.

“I mention it up front, I break the wall,” Allen explained. “I tell them, ‘There’s a whole lot of sh*t I’m going to say tonight that you’re going to get pi*sed at. Let’s just get it out in the open. When I say this word, this is what I mean by it. Don’t sic the thought police on me.”

More conservative with age

The very successful comedic actor has long been a fiscal conservative, often suggesting tongue-in-cheek that his IRS form should come with a menu so he can select where he wants his significant amount of tax dollars to go. 

But lately Allen has come out of the closet as more socially conservative as well. 

“There’s a component of society right now that’s obsessed with gender and race,” Allen concluded. “And they are very important. But I can’t just concentrate on them every time out. If I drive a car and I’m obsessed with the tire pressure, it’s not that tire pressure isn’t important, but if that’s all I’m thinking about, I’ll drive myself nuts. You have to look ahead and steer through the turns.”

Should Tim Allen change his act to appease woke leftists?