Tom Selleck just revealed a shocking truth about his 63-acre ranch

photo by Alan Light, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

When it comes to the most revered American actors on TV today, there’s no one quite like Tom Selleck.

The former star of Magnum: PI and current star of Blue Bloods is famous for his wit, charm, and thick mustache.

But Tom Selleck just revealed a shocking truth about his 63-acre ranch.

Selleck could lose his beloved ranch

Tom Selleck has been starring in the popular CBS crime show Blue Bloods since 2010.

However, the show is set to end later this year.

And without any more earnings from the show, Selleck fears that he might be forced to give up his 63-acre ranch in Ventura County, California.

Selleck sat down with CBS Sunday Morning recently to talk about his long and successful career.

“You know, hopefully, I keep working enough to hold onto the place,” he said, referring to his ranch.

The actor bought the ranch in 1988 after he quit Magnum: PI and turned the former avocado farm into a labor of love.

During the interview, the CBS reporter seemed shocked at the comment.

“Seriously, that’s an issue? If you stopped working?” the reporter asked Selleck.

“That’s always an issue,” Selleck replied. “If I stopped working, yeah. Am I set for life? Yeah, but maybe not on a 63-acre ranch!”

He explained that he somehow accidentally fell into the acting profession, but he originally wanted to be a professional basketball player.

Selleck started taking theater classes for an easy A in college, and those classes dramatically changed his life.

The actor said that even if Blue Bloods ends this year, he wants to continue working as an actor.

Selleck said he sees more gigs coming his way in the future.

“As an actor, you never lose – I don’t lose, anyway – that sense that every time I finish a job, it’s my last job,” he said. “I like the fact that there’s no excuses! You just go to work, and you do the work. And I have a lot of reverence for what I call ‘the work,’ and I love it. And I’d like to keep doing it.”

The future is uncertain

According to Selleck, the ideal scenario would be to keep working on Blue Bloods, but the show is slated to air its series finale this winter.

However, Selleck hopes CBS will change its mind.

“I will continue to think that CBS will come to their senses. We’re the third-highest scripted show in all of broadcast. We’re winning the night,” he said. “All the cast wants to come back. And I can tell you this: we aren’t sliding off down a cliff. We’re doing good shows, and still holding our place. So, I don’t know. You tell me!”

The actor also mentioned Blue Bloods on CBS Mornings.

He commented that the decision to end the popular show was “debatable.”

He also mentioned his ranch in 2020 when he told People that his relationships and his ranch “keep me sane.”

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