Top Biden officials are in complete denial over the economy and Americans are furious

The American economy is in serious peril, and every day it gets worse. 

To make matters worse, the people who are supposed to be running the country are more concerned with playing politics than addressing the needs of the American public. 

But top Biden officials are in complete denial over the economy and Americans are furious.

Biden and Trump – a tale of two economies

During the Trump administration, inflation was nearly 0, the stock market broke records just about every single day, and confidence in the economy was very high.

Once Biden took the oath of office last January, the economy soured almost overnight. 

Now inflation growth is reported to be close to 9% but is likely much higher. 

Critical supply chains remain broken, the stock market is in free fall, and commodity prices (such as the price of oil) are through the roof. 

The collapse of what used to be the fastest growing economy in American history is undoubtedly the fault of Biden and the fools he has installed around him. 

Print-and-spend monetary policy combined with reckless spending has created a crisis the likes of which have not even been fully realized. 

A major recession is just around the corner

Although things seem bad now, most economic experts are warning that the worst has yet to come. 

Somebody needs to tell that to the Biden administration, who are in complete denial. 

Just recently, Senior Adviser to President Joe Biden, Gene Sperling appeared on MSNBC to speak to all 12 of MSNBC’s viewers about the economy. 

Sperling referenced a poll of American CEO’s in which 60% of them agreed that a major recession was around the corner. 

Despite this damning poll number, Sperling had the gall to say, “I think we think that too many people are not looking at the more reassuring elements of resilience in this economy right now and they’re not realizing that the American Rescue Plan put a historic number of people back to work.”

He went on to declare, “People have called it the ‘great return to work.’”

No, they haven’t. No one’s ever called it that. 

Not only does this top advisor to Joe Biden not recognize the impending doom, but he is stupid enough to think that Biden’s failed policies are helping Americans. 

The true danger of Biden’s arrogance

The fact that Joe Biden and his cronies are so confident in this failing economy proves a couple of things. 

First off, the Biden administration is in panic mode and is willing to say whatever it takes to try and improve his sinking popularity amongst voters. 

And second, he probably really does think his failed measures are doing something to help. 

Either way, the worst has yet to come and it is horrifying to think about what may come next. 

More likely than not millions of hard-working Americans are going to suffer tremendously over the next several years unless something is done in a hurry. 

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