Top Democrat crossed the line after making an appalling comment about his political foes

The year is flying by and the Midterm elections are not far off. 

The far-left is in panic mode as most experts are predicting Democrats will take a shellacking this fall due to the failing economy and countless other crises. 

But this top Democrat crossed the line after making an appalling comment about his political foes.

The State of the Union is on life support

There is simply no denying that the American economy is in very bad shape. 

Just about every aspect of the economy is worse than it was when Trump was President. 

Whether it is record gas prices, failing supply chains, record inflation, or labor shortages, Americans are suffering and the blame lies with the Democrats. 

Their tax-and-spend agenda is bankrupting America and everyday Americans are beginning to pay the price for Biden’s socialist agenda. 

Unfortunately, it seems as if the radical Left does not seem to care about the lives of everyday Americans – like most politicians, they only care about getting elected or reelected. 

For proof, just look at what Democrat Representative Adam Schiff said the other day about the economy.

Adam Schiff says Republicans are to blame 

Schiff claimed, “I think the– the reality is though, and this– this I think is borne out by all the evidence, is there was a global inflationary pressure, global problem with supply chains. Our economy, in fact grew so fast the in United States that that problem is particularly acute, because the demand when we emerged, you know, so quickly from the pandemic, and grew so many jobs.”

He then went on to say, “[Republicans] would rather have the issue of inflation, then really do something about it to help the country and this is what we’re confronting in Congress, and what the administration is battling against.” 

Schiff is flat-out claiming that Democrats built a strong economy and had nothing to do with its collapse and that Republicans just want the economy to crash so they can make political gains this November. 

If you believe that, we’ve got some ice for sale in Alaska . . . 

What’s Schiff really up to here?

Schiff is trying to deflect blame for the damage he and his cronies have done to this country. 

Instead of making gutless political attacks such as this one, Adam Schiff should first realize what a mess the economy has become, and then figure out something substantive to do about it. 

Unfortunately, the only play radical leftists like Schiff have in their playbook is to spend even more money or raise taxes. 

And as you know, that is exactly what destroyed the economy in the first place. 

The reality is, Adam Schiff is very nervous about what will happen this November when Americans head to the polls. 

Nearly every expert is pointing towards a massive red wave building due to the constant crises Democrats have caused over the last several years. 

One thing is for sure, cowards such as Adam Schiff do not belong in positions of power.

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