Top Republican Dropped a BOMBSHELL announcement – This may be a DOOMSDAY SCENARIO

Republicans are still facing the fallout from a disappointing Midterm election.

But the worst may be yet to come.

And a top Republican dropped a bombshell announcement that this may be a 

doomsday scenario.

House Republicans won a narrow 222-213 majority in the Midterm elections.

Such a slim majority means House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has almost no room for error when it comes to rounding up the 218 votes necessary to become Speaker of the House.

House Freedom Caucus Chairman Andy Biggs challenged McCarthy for Speaker in the internal GOP conference election.

McCarthy won handily.

However, more than five Republicans voted against McCarthy, signaling he could face a difficult floor fight when the entire House votes for Speaker on January 3.

Never-Trump activist and current Democrat Bill Kristol suggested the Party team up with RINOs to elect someone like Liz Cheney as Speaker of the House.

“The Speaker is a constitutional office, in line for the presidency. Should someone like McCarthy who objected to legal and correct election results be Speaker?” Kristol posted on Twitter. “Shouldn’t Democrats offer to join a few decent Republicans to support a non-election denying Republican for Speaker?”

The Speaker of the House does not need to be a member of Congress.

It can be anyone.

And some RINOs are already warning that if they do not get their way, then they will break ranks and vote with the 213 Democrats to elect a Speaker more to the Left’s liking.

“If we have total gridlock, I’m going to work with like-minded people across the aisle to find someone agreeable for Speaker,” Nebraska Congressman Don Bacon told reporters. “We have to govern. We can’t afford to let our country be stuck in neutral.”

Incoming House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer of Kentucky also floated the possibility of Democrats and RINOs forming a majority in the House if McCarthy is not elected Speaker.

“I think it’s of the utmost importance that we agree on a Speaker,” Comer told Breitbart News. “I believe it should be Kevin McCarthy. I believe it will be Kevin McCarthy in the end. But if we have four or five holdouts, that could potentially block Kevin McCarthy and that would allow the opportunity for some of the moderate Republicans to join with the Speaker [Nancy Pelosi]. That wouldn’t accomplish the goal of conservatives that are upset with Kevin McCarthy.”

Should Republicans support Kevin McCarthy for Speaker of the House?