Travis Kelce name-dropped Michael Jordan with this bold prediction for his future

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Kansas City Chiefs star Travis Kelce has been in the headlines for his relationship with Pop Star Taylor Swift.

But he’s still one of the best players in the NFL.

And Travis Kelce name-dropped Michael Jordan with this bold prediction for his future.

Travis Kelce wants to win as many titles as Michael Jordan 

Kansas City Chiefs star Travis Kelce has become a crossover celebrity in the world of pop culture by dating arguably the most famous woman in the world, Pop Star Taylor Swift.

He’s gotten as much attention for his relationship with her as he has for his play on the field.

The 34-year-old Tight End still has a lot he wants to accomplish in football before he hangs up his cleats.

In an interview with Zen Water, he said that he wants to match an accomplishment of one the greatest athletes in history.

“Give me as many rings as Jordan’s got, baby,” Kelce said.

NBA Hall of Famer Michael Jordan won six championship rings playing for the Chicago Bulls in the 1990s, with two three-peats.

Kelce is looking for an NFL record third straight Super Bowl victory with the Chiefs next season.

The Chiefs star said that he placed his individual goals on the back burner to put the team first.

He was asked what he wanted to accomplish with the remainder of his career.

“Couple more Super Bowls,” Kelce said. “I told you that feeling in the end zone is the greatest feeling. Man, hoisting that trophy at the end – that’s the mecca right there. The Vince Lombardi [Trophy] at the end of the year with my teammates and coaches and the fan base in Kansas City. That’s all I got my mindset on.”

“Three more? That’s what I’m talking about,” Kelce exclaimed. “I’ll take six.”

Can Travis Kelce win three more Super Bowls?

Only one player in the history of the NFL has won six Super Bowls, and that is former New England Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady, who won seven titles.

Former Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers Defensive End Charles Haley is second with five.

At 34, Kelce is at the age where a Tight End would begin to slow down.

But Chiefs general manager Brett Veach predicted that Kelce could play at a high level for years to come when he signed him to a two-year contract extension in April.

“Every now and then you have one of these guys that are outliers, and certainly Travis [Kelce] is one of those players,” Veach said. “It’s funny, it’s not even May yet, and today we had a chance to get out there in phase 2 and guys were out there running around. Travis was the first guy in line, and he looked like he was 28 years old.”

“Again, the odds of someone playing this far into their 30s is very low, but it does happen, and it happens with unicorns in the profession, and Travis is one of those,” Veach added.

Kelce said that he’s begun to take better care of his body as he’s gotten older.

“When I was younger, I was able to kinda put a little more wear and tear on the body. In the offseason, obviously the wear and tear, you gotta save that for the season,” Kelce said. “What’s really kept me up to speed with the game has really been my mentality. It’s really been how fast I can process things, how fast I can see things develop and have an answer instinctually right away. That’s what makes me play faster. I don’t have the 4.5 speed I used to, but I can move quicker and get somebody to think.”

Travis Kelce is setting his goals high for the Chiefs as they try to cement their status as one of the NFL’s greatest dynasties.

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