Trump Media and Technology Group just put the Washington Post in its crosshairs with this one major legal move

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When Donald Trump left office, he started working on his own social media platform called Truth Social.

The parent company of Truth Social, Trump Media and Technology Group, has since come under major fire.

But Trump Media and Technology Group just put the Washington Post in its crosshairs with this one major legal move.

Truth Social CEO says there’s a coordinated attack to “kill” their chances of growth

Everything that Donald Trump gets involved in immediately gets targeted by the corporate-controlled press. No one should have expected any differently when Trump launched Truth Social. Truth Social was launched in 2022 by Trump Media and Technology Group (TMTG) to respond to censorship in social media spaces.

TMTG’s mission is “to end Big Tech’s assault on free speech by opening up the internet and giving the American people their voices back.” Truth Social is finishing up their best month of business in May of 2023, despite the numerous attacks by the press and the Securities and Exchange Commission.

CEO Devin Nunes said that there has been a coordinated attack against the platform that seeks to diminish investment. He told Just the News that he believes there are “three people” who are working to hurt the brand and “basically kill [their] ability to have access to the public markets.”

Now TMTG is pushing back against one of the groups that has sought to undermine their credibility.

TMTG asks for $3.78 billion in damages for claims that a “porn-friendly bank” is taking a stake

The parent company of Truth Social has now filed a $3.78 billion defamation suit against the Washington Post for what they say is slander that poses an “existential threat” to the social media platform. The suit is based on an article published by the online newspaper earlier this month.

The article, titled Trust linked to porn-friendly bank could gain a stake in Trump’s Truth Social, suggested that a whistleblower provided evidence that TMTG hid information from shareholders and the SEC relating to a potential merger with the company.

They said that this article was part of a “years-long crusade” to diminish the brand’s ability to gain access to capital. They are seeking to recover damages from the Washington Post to repair the brand and provide shareholders with a path forward. 

TMTG believes that they have a good foundation for their case.

Trump is going on the counter-offensive with multiple lawsuits targeting the corporate-controlled press

The lawsuit claims that the Washington Post used a “clickbait headline” and it “immediately grabbed the common mind of readers, falsely insinuating that TMTG was involved in shady business dealings.” This could just be another means of making the former President and his brands look bad.

Trump has been involved in a variety of defamation suits since he rose to the Presidency in 2016. In 2020, his campaign sued the Washington Post over two articles related to the Mueller investigation and the Russian-collusion hoax. 

Trump is also in lawsuits against the New York Times and CNN. He claims that both the companies have been plotting to attack his personal image. In the CNN suit, he is asking for $475 million for attacking him “with a series of ever-more scandalous, false, and defamatory labels.”  

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