Trump supporters were fuming after Joe Biden made this one shameless fundraising pitch

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Donald Trump was arrested last Thursday in Fulton County, Georgia for contesting the results of the 2020 Presidential election.

Former President Trump was forced to take a mugshot as part of the arraignment process. 

And Trump supporters were fuming after Joe Biden made this one shameless fundraising pitch. 

As Democrats gloat, Trump supporters are gearing up for the fight of their lives

Any political expert will tell you that America is more divided than at any other time in recent memory. 

The Left’s total war against Donald Trump is a major part of this division, and on Thursday, this war against him and his supporters climaxed when he was arrested in Fulton County, Georgia. 

As part of the booking process, the former President was forced to take a mugshot, which has already proliferated around the internet. 

Democrats have been quick to boast, including President Joe Biden, who sent out a fundraising communication that said “apropos of nothing, I think today’s a great day to give to my campaign.” 

Meanwhile, some on the Right are outraged over this embarrassment, but many are wearing this mugshot like a badge of courage. 

Former President Donald Trump broke his silence on X, formerly known as Twitter, by posting a picture of his mugshot with the caption, “ELECTION INTERFERENCE! NEVER SURRENDER!” along with a link to a donation page. 

Others on the Right shared this defiant tone.  Prominent filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza tweeted a picture of Trump’s mugshot with a caption that said “in the urban black community, a mugshot can be an iconic symbol, both of victimization and of greatness.  It’s a defiant UP YOURS  to ‘the man.’ Think Tupac Shakur. Trump is now the ultimate gangsta in our culture.” 

It is unclear how this arrest will impact American politics moving forward.

 Some political pundits believe it will galvanize Trump supporters, while others think that it will repulse voters away from him. 

Either way, former President Donald Trump remains at the very top of the Republican nomination polls. 

Additionally, Trump is leading in some head-to-head polls against President Joe Biden, including a New York Post poll released on Friday that showed Donald Trump with a slight 44% to 41% lead over Biden.  

Donald Trump’s political future and his legal woes are far from over

Never before in America has a former President or leading candidate for President faced the legal barrage that Donald Trump currently faces. 

There is no doubt that these attacks against former President Donald Trump are politically motivated. 

After all, Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis posted a fundraising pitch as the Trump indictments were handed down. 

Democrats appear to be coming for Donald Trump for the crime of standing against their radical agenda. 

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