Trump’s legal team is ready to go to war to stop this dirty trick by a Democrat judge

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Donald Trump thought he could finally breathe a sigh of relief after his criminal trial ended.

But the legal battle in Manhattan has just begun. 

And Trump’s legal team is ready to go to war to stop this dirty trick by a Democrat judge.

Donald Trump is still under an unconstitutional gag order from a Democrat judge 

Former President Donald Trump was convicted on 34 felonies in the scam case that Soros-backed Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg brought against him.

The next phase of the case is the sentencing by Democrat Judge Juan Merchan on July 11.

This is just four days before the start of the Republican National Convention where Trump will officially accept the GOP Presidential nomination.

Merchan – a donor to President Joe Biden – slapped Trump with an unconstitutional gag order to prevent him from speaking about witnesses, court staff, prosecutors, or their families during the Soviet-style show trial that he presided over. 

This blatantly restricted Trump’s First Amendment rights to defend himself while Bragg’s witnesses, like Stormy Daniels and former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen, were free to run their mouths in public.

Bragg’s case was part of the 2024 election.

The scam case was designed to deal the maximum amount of political damage to Trump in an effort to cripple his re-election campaign.

With the Bragg case looming large over the election, Trump needed to be able to defend himself in the court of public opinion just as much as in the Manhattan courtroom.

Democrats and their media allies began to use Trump’s conviction against him as soon as it was announced.

They’ve been eagerly waiting to call Trump a convicted felon to try and disqualify him in the minds of voters. 

Merchan’s gag order should expire with the trial ending and the jury sent home.

But the battle over the unconstitutional gag order could just be beginning. 

Trump’s legal team tries to get Merchan’s gag order removed

Trump attorneys Todd Blanche and Emil Bove sent a letter to Judge Merchan asking that the gag order on the former President be lifted now that the trial has concluded. 

“Now that the trial is concluded, the concerns articulated by the government and the Court do not justify continued restrictions on the First Amendment rights of President Trump who remains the leading candidate in the 2024 Presidential election and the American people,” Blanche and Bove wrote.

They cited the upcoming June debate on CNN as one of the reasons for lifting it.

Biden is going to attack Trump over his criminal conviction.

But by defending himself during the debate, Trump could be violating the gag order.

Merchan wants to silence Trump from speaking out about the travesty of justice that occurred in his courtroom.

This is another attempt by Judge Merchan to work against Trump for the political benefit of Joe Biden and the Democrat Party.

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