Tucker Carlson came back and went scorched earth on the media establishment

Screenshot via Youtube, Fox News

Tucker Carlson has been pushing back on the establishment narrative for the past several years.

It’s been a few months since the firebrand news anchor was ousted from his primetime position.

But Tucker Carlson came back and went scorched earth on the media establishment.

Tucker Carlson’s comeback video reaches over 90 million people in less than 24 hours

It’s been a month since Tucker Carlson announced on Twitter that he would be streaming his normal segment on the social media platform. On Tuesday, he made that promise a reality by launching his first video where he breaks down what he believes is wrong with America.

In the video that has been viewed over 90 million times, Carlson bemoans the problem with the American media and the effects it has on the population. He said it’s possible that the media has made the citizens of the United States “the least informed people in the world.”

He said that the media and political establishment put America in this position by feeding the public “tautologies,” which means that “something is true because it is, the more you repeat it the truer it becomes.” Carlson said this “self-reinforcing reality” used to be social suicide in a debate, but it’s become commonplace. 

Tucker said these arguments are easy to identify and people just need to look for them.

Carlson said that the establishment wants people to “shut up” if they don’t support the narrative

In the beginning of the monologue, he discussed the situation in Ukraine by citing the recent sabotage of the Kakhovka dam. Carlson pointed out that, despite the dam being owned and maintained by the Russians, certain members of the media are already trying to point the finger at them.

Carlson said all one must do is look at the evidence—which includes a statement by a Ukrainian General. “Once the facts start coming in, it becomes less of a mystery about what happened to the dam. Any fair person would conclude that the Ukrainians probably blew it up,” he said.

Carlson then pointed at Republican lawmakers who are lining up to push for more military spending in Ukraine. He said people like Nikki Haley were demanding support for Ukraine from taxpayers and wanted the American people to  just “shut up.”

According to Carlson, the mandate to support military spending in Ukraine is the epitome of tautology.

The reason America seems “so dysfunctional” is because no one knows what’s going on

Carlson said Americans would have to be “lied to at full volume over a period of years to reach conclusions” that people are coming to these days. He then pointed out that the American media is exceptionally good at ignoring important news.

He highlighted the recent revelation by an Air Force whistleblower that the U.S. government has “physical evidence of crashed, non-human-made aircraft.” Carlson said this is proof that “UFOs are actually real and apparently so is extraterrestrial life—now we know.”

Carlson said “in a normal country this news would qualify as a bombshell,” but in the United States the media widely ignored it. “The Washington Post had the story but decided not to run it. The New York Times, meanwhile, pretended it never happened,” he said.

“If you’re wondering why our country seems so dysfunctional, this is a big part of the reason, nobody knows what’s happening,” Carlson said. “A small group of people control access to all relevant information.”

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