Tucker Carlson dropped this bombshell about why Democrats plan to dump Kamala Harris in 2024

Screenshot via Youtube, Fox News

The Democrats 2024 plans are still up in the air.

But they may not include Kamala Harris.

And Tucker Carlson dropped this bombshell about why Democrats plan to dump Kamala Harris in 2024.

Joe Biden keeps pushing off his re-election announcement.

Biden’s continued delay in launching his re-election campaign is fueling speculation that he will admit that serving as President until he is 86 is just not feasible and therefore drop out of the 2024 race.

Tucker Carlson addressed how Democrats would handle Biden becoming the first President since Lyndon Baines Johnson in 1968 to not run for re-election.

A recent CNN poll showed 54 percent of Democrats want a different candidate in 2024.

But if Biden bows out in 2024, that is no longer a theoretical proposition.

Carlson claimed that if Biden does not run in 2024, Democrats would have a chance to run wild with their woke identity politics and nominate Kamala Harris for President.

“Well, if you were a rational person who took them at their word, you would assume the Party, the Democratic Party, would replace Joe Biden with someone who embodies their highest values. You imagine a trans-black woman with a background in corporate H.R. or a Latinx drag queen with purple hair and lots of face piercings. Or maybe even Kamala Harris,” Carlson stated.

However, Kamala Harris is even more unpopular than Joe Biden.

Every top Democrat knows if they nominate Harris it is essentially forfeiting the 2024 election and guaranteeing Trump – or whoever wins the nomination – takes back the White House.

That’s why Carlson said Democrats would stick with the strategy that worked in 2020 and go with a straight white male that middle America would not find threatening.

“But no. In fact, no chance. That would be principled and therefore, they will never do it. Nominating someone you say you support? No. When Biden leaves or more likely is shoved aside, they’re going to nominate another straight white man who loves the big banks, someone even oilier and faker, than Joe Biden. Why would they do that? Because it worked last time,” Carlson continued.

Carlson predicted that candidate would be California Governor Gavin Newsom.

Newsom has taken steps to raise his national profile in recent weeks.

Newsom announced he was forming a group to “protect democracy” and defeat MAGA candidates.

Newsom also traveled to Florida to attack Ron DeSantis for appointing a new board at Florida New College for the purpose of expunging woke ideology from the school.

A politician like Newsom would only be making these moves if they understood the Party was lining them up as the “break glass in case of emergency” candidate should Joe Biden choose not to run in 2024.

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