Tucker Carlson ended Mike Pence’s political career with one sentence

Photo by Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr, https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/

Former Vice President Mike Pence was already struggling to gain traction in the 2024 GOP Presidential Primary.

Now it’s about time to pull the plug on Pence’s White House bid.

And that’s because Tucker Carlson ended Mike Pence’s political career with one sentence.

Donald Trump picked Mike Pence as his running mate in 2016 to reassure Evangelical Christians that he would advance their cause as President.

After Trump’s Supreme Court Justices overturned Roe v. Wade, Trump can count on significant support from grassroots Evangelical Christians.

But Pence is trying to make inroads with that voting block and figured his appearance at the Iowa Family Leader Summit would provide him the chance to flex his Christian bona fides in front of a friendly audience.

Pence – however – is a relic of the pre-Trump GOP where establishment RINOs like Mitt Romney, John McCain, and George W. Bush ruled the roost.

And Pence clearly had no idea that the GOP changed into a grassroots, populist conservative Party when he ran into Tucker Carlson’s buzzsaw at the Family Leader Summit.

Carlson served as the moderator, and the standout moment of the event came when he pressed Pence to explain why he was so wrapped up in guaranteeing that Ukraine had enough tanks paid for by U.S. taxpayers when American cities were crumbling before the nation’s very eyes.

“I know you’re running for President. You are distressed that the Ukrainians don’t have enough American tanks. Every city in the United States has become much worse over the past three years. Drive around. There is not one city that has gotten better in the United States. And it’s visible,” Carlson began.

“And yet your concern is that the Ukrainians, a country that most people can’t find on a map, who have received tens of billions of U.S. tax dollars, don’t have enough tanks. I think it’s fair to ask, where’s the concern for the United States in that?” Carlson stated.

In one of the most unbelievable statements ever, Pence claimed “that wasn’t my concern” and defended his Ukraine first foreign policy, leaving many people wondering if he should be running for President of Ukraine instead of America.

“Well, it’s not my concern. Tucker, I’ve heard that routine from you before, but it’s not my concern. I’m running for President of the United States because I think this country is in a lot of trouble,” Pence shot back.

The divide on Ukraine is indicative of the split in the GOP that helps explain the rise of Trump.

Conservatives grew wary of foreign wars after the endless conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan yielded a stalemate at best and a humiliating defeat at worst.

But the GOP establishment keeps showing there is no difference between Republican leaders and Democrats by going all-in on support for Joe Biden’s war with Russia in Ukraine even though it threatens to escalate into nuclear annihilation.

And as long as establishment Republicans like Pence keep ignoring the will of the voters to push forward with the agenda of the Swamp, the conservative grassroots will remain loyal to Trump.

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