Tucker Carlson explained exactly why the establishment wants to destroy Donald Trump

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It’s been clear for a long time that establishment politicians and pundits want to destroy Donald Trump.

They throw everything they can at the former President.

And Tucker Carlson just explained exactly why the establishment wants to destroy Donald Trump.

Tucker Carlson:  Trump exposed “permanent Washington”

Tucker Carlson released his third episode of Tucker on Twitter following the arraignment of Donald Trump on Tuesday. In the episode, titled America’s principles are at stake, Carlson explained why the Deep State wants to take down Trump.

Carlson said Trump clearly ruffled some feathers from the beginning of his campaign, but that is not what stands out to him as the reason they hate Trump so much. He said it stems from one response he gave in 2016 during a Primary debate in South Carolina.

In the debate, Trump addressed Jeb Bush and called out his brother George for the Iraq War. Trump told Jeb that “we should never have been in Iraq. We have destabilized the Middle East. They lied and said there were weapons of mass destruction and they knew there were none.” 

Carlson said the simple action of calling out the lies of “permanent Washington” put Trump in the crosshairs.

Trump was the only electable leader who “dissents from Washington’s” interest in endless wars

The former Fox News anchor went on to describe Trump as the only political outsider who opposed endless wars in the middle east. He said that’s why the establishment is so angry with Trump and wanted to defeat him.

According to Carlson, “Trump is the one guy with an actual shot at becoming President who dissents from Washington’s long-standing pointless war agenda. And for that, that one fact, they’re trying to take Trump out before you can vote for him.”

Carlson continued to attack the Deep State politicians who operate in “permanent Washington.” He said that while our government continues to approve budgets with “trillion-dollar price tags,” the country has broken roads while the areas around Washington, D.C. are “the richest suburbs in the world.”

Carlson then began naming people who only pretended to be in support of Trump when in fact they opposed him.

Even those who seem most loyal to the Republican Party were trying to “undermine” Trump

He said members of the Republican Party enjoyed riding the coattails of Trump only to turn their backs on him the second he “lost power.” He said Lindsey Graham, Nikki Haley, and Mike Pompeo all pretended Trump was a “visionary genius” even though he was opposed to their “neocon war agenda.”

Carlson described Pompeo as the most likely person to tell Trump that he was “handsome” and “powerful.” Meanwhile, he said Pompeo “undermined Trump’s often stated commitment to peace and nonintervention abroad at every turn.”

He then said Dick Cheney undoubtedly took many secret documents home. Carlson asked how many he might have before answering his own question, saying that “we’ll never know the answer because there is no chance Dick Cheney will ever be investigated or staffers will  be told to wear wires in his presence.”

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