Tulsi Gabbard just made a major announcement that will leave Democrats’ heads spinning

Tulsi Gabbard isn’t one to give in to pressure like so many others in positions of power seem to do in the face of adversity.

From taking on Hilary Clinton to pushing back against war-hungry Democrats during the 2020 Presidential debates, she’s always been willing to challenge her party on key issues.

Now Gabbard just made a major announcement that is guaranteed to leave the Democrats’ heads spinning.

Gabbard is leaving the Democrat Party

Tulsi Gabbard left Democrats stunned when she announced that she is no longer a member of the Democrat Party.

In fact, the former Presidential candidate and former Representative called the party an “elitist cabal of warmongers.”

It’s no secret that Gabbard has long been an anti-war figurehead, and now, she’s finally finished with the Democrats and their endless calls for war.

She also mentioned that the party is “driven by cowardly wokeness” and that the Democrats are dividing the country by racializing every single issue on the table.

In an almost half-hour-long YouTube video, Gabbard explained why she’s leaving, and she also sent a long letter via email to her followers.

The video was part of the first episode of a podcast she’s now running called the Tulsi Gabbard Show.

Gabbard also called on any “fellow common sense, independent-minded Democrats” to join her in leaving the Party.

She has long been a staunch opponent of Biden and his administration, stating that he was “pouring fuel on the flames” of division.

Tulsi also spoke at CPAC in February, which certainly caused plenty of Democrats’ eyes and heads to roll.

Many have long wondered whether she would leave the Democrat Party and switch sides by joining the GOP.

As of the announcement, she hasn’t declared whether she will join the Republican Party or any other political group.

Newt Gingrich pointed out how Gabbard has long been an “independent maverick” and that she realized just how “isolated” she was from her Party when she ran for President.

Gabbard lays out a long, detailed list of her reasons for leaving

Some skeptics may assume that Gabbard’s announcement is part of a publicity stunt to spread the word about her new podcast.

But in a letter sent to her subscribers, she laid out every single reason for her departure in great detail.

Her first point mentions how the Democrat Party continues to push for nuclear war, putting the entire nation at risk of World War III.

Gabbard also discusses how the Obama administration weaponized the IRS by targeting conservative groups, and how Biden’s administration continues to do so.

Another point talked about the Democrat Party’s push to ban free speech as they work hand-in-hand with Big Tech companies to censor any dissenting viewpoints.

Perhaps her most scathing points include mentions of how the Left does not respect such foundational Constitutional rights as freedom of religion and the right to bear arms.

Language in the letter like “anti-white racism” and “anti-women” shows that Gabbard clearly recognizes the hypocrisy of the Party that claims it wants to bring everyone together.

So, what’s next for Tulsi Gabbard, and will she attempt to run for office again under another Party?

We’ll have to wait and see.

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