Twitter users just called out Joe Biden for telling this one massive lie

President Joe Biden delivers remarks to Department of Defense personnel, with Vice President Kamala Harris and Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III, the Pentagon, Washington, D.C., Feb. 10, 2021. (DoD photo by Lisa Ferdinando)

President Joe Biden is a well-known teller of untruths.

Of course, the corporate-controlled media lets him get away with it.

But Twitter users just called out Joe Biden for telling this one massive lie.

The current President seems to spew out at least one lie every time he walks up to a microphone or hits send on social media.

Decades of untruths

 From little white lies to huge whoppers, Biden has told tall tales and spewed outright falsehoods for decades.

It seems nothing is off limits to Biden and his inability to tell the truth.

One of his latest lies occurred when he jumped into the fight over raising the debt ceiling.

“America is not a deadbeat nation,” Biden’s tweet began.

“We have never, ever failed to pay our debt,” he continued. “But MAGA Republicans are engaged in reckless hostage-taking by threatening to force America into default. It’s dangerous and wrong.”

Unfortunately for Biden, that statement is just another lie.

Twitter’s Community Notes feature kicked in immediately to point out that America has, in fact, previously defaulted on its financial debt. 

And not just once, of course, but “multiple times,” the user-generated “context” message read.

Joe Biden might not be good at managing taxpayers’ dollars, but he sure is an expert at stretching the truth, especially on items that are easily checked.

Its as if he doesn’t care

In fact, his lies are so easily checked out that some experts believe he doesn’t even care if he’s caught.

They believe Biden’s lies are actually done purposefully to change the entire narrative in the country.

For example, during his State of the Union Address, he lied within the first five minutes of the speech. 

Biden said the economy was “reeling” when he took office and implied that it was in a better state now.

Both of these lies were quickly checked and proven false, but that didn’t matter to Biden and his comrades.

Many of them are still spouting the exact same lies today.

But sometimes Biden is so over the top with his lies that even his allies can’t avoid it.

After that State of the Union Address, even the Washington Post took issue with 13 of his untruths.

Is he just a serial liar?

But others have said Biden has an inability to tell the truth on even the most mundane things.

Biden’s lies extend beyond politics and into his personal life as well. 

He recently claimed he was born in the same hospital in which his “grandpop” died. 

The truth is, his “grandpop” died in Baltimore, Maryland, and Joe was born in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

It’s all just part of the same Biden untruths that have marked his career in politics.

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