US airlines just called out Joe Biden over his most recent attack on American industry

Joe Biden has presided over the fastest increase in consumer prices in most Americans’ lifetimes.

Now he’s trying to pin the out-of-control inflation on everything except his disastrous policies. 

But US airlines just called out Joe Biden over his most recent attack on American industry.

Biden declares war on the airline industry

Joe Biden is starting to realize the public blames his administration for the steady rise in consumer prices over the past year. 

Now the only thing he has left to do is deflect and put the blame on American companies.

The White House just issued a proposal that Biden claims will lower prices for many everyday products and services. 

He says the major problem plaguing the economy is not his policies but rather what he calls “junk fees” that are being put on consumers.

One area of concern to the Biden administration is the airline industry. 

That’s why, in his proposal, he is directing the Department of Transportation to create new rules that would stop airlines from charging people more to have two seats next to each other.

Yes, that is Biden’s big idea. 

Get rid of invisible fees that people seldom pay.

Biden misleads the public about frequency of fees

Biden says “some airlines charge extra to pick your seat, including for parents who just want to sit next to their child on the plane, and charge extra” adding this is wrong because “you don’t know that going in . . .” 

Airlines for America (A4A), an industry advocacy group, says that his statement is misleading. 

In a statement they said that the airlines that they represent “make every effort to accommodate customers traveling together,” especially those with kids.

A4A represents Delta, United Airlines, American Airlines, and other major carriers. 

They warn that “the White House proposals are short-sighted and would inevitably drive-up costs and reduce choices for the consumer . . .”

The group encouraged the federal government to remain “focused on 21st century policies and procedures that drive our nation’s aviation system forward, rather than making efforts that threaten to reduce access and affordability for consumers.”

Buttigieg says CEOs are “nickel and diming” consumers

Biden’s Secretary of Transportation, Pete Buttigieg, discussed the development on CNBC where he accused the airline industry of “nickel and diming” the American people. 

He claims the proposal would influence carriers to make things easier on their customers.

A4A fired back a blistering response to Buttigieg. 

They argued “there is no evidence of market failure or unfair or deceptive trade practices in this area.” 

They added that evidence actually points the other way, claiming a 55% drop in rates over the last 40 years.

In the shorter term, the rate decrease is harder to see due to increased cost under the Biden administration. 

The group says that the cost of fuel is the biggest influence in recent years.

“U.S. airlines have maintained this level of affordability while facing unit costs that in 2022, for A4A member carriers, were 31% higher than in 2019,” A4A said. 

This could all be solved if Biden and his team would reverse actions they have taken against the energy industry.

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