Vivek Ramaswamy exposed a secret about Barack Obama that could finish Joe Biden

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Vivek Ramaswamy is a fast-rising GOP Presidential contender.

Ramaswamy is gaining in the polls because of his fearlessness in stating truths that other Republicans are afraid to speak.

And now Vivek Ramaswamy exposed a secret about Barack Obama that could finish Joe Biden.

Polls show Ramaswamy’s message of faith, family, and America First nationalism is gaining traction, as some surveys have the 38-year old entrepreneur passing Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for second place.

At The Gathering, an event hosted by center-right pundit Erick Erickson, Ramaswamy ripped Biden and called the 81-year-old a puppet who was put in place to serve as the frontman for the left-wing elites.

“I mean, the deeper problem with Joe Biden is he’s not really even the person running the country. I truly believe that. It is the managerial class wielding him as a puppet,” Ramaswamy stated.

The leader of the elites who are calling the shots appears to be Barack Obama.

Obama loyalist Susan Rice ran the domestic policy council in the Biden White House.

Other Obama cronies are running the show on foreign policy, which is why Biden is so committed to restarting his Iran nuclear deal.

A conversation between Tablet Mag’s David Samuels and Obama biographer David Garrow illuminated this fact.

“The easy explanation, of course, is that Joe Biden is not running that part of his administration. Obama is. He doesn’t even have to pick up the phone because all of his people are already inside the White House. They hold the Iran file. Tony Blinken doesn’t,” Samuels stated.

“Rob Malley was the guy on that,” Garrow responded.

“Rob Malley is just one person. Brett McGurk. Dan Shapiro in Israel. Lisa Monaco in Justice. Susan Rice running domestic policy. It’s turtles all the way down. There are obviously large parts of White House policymaking that belong to Barack Obama because they’re staffed by his people, who worked for him and no doubt report back to him. Personnel is policy, as they say in Washington,” Samuels added.

Obama himself confirmed that he would prefer this arrangement in an interview with Stephen Colbert.

“I used to say if I can make an arrangement where I had a stand-in or frontman or frontwoman, and they had an earpiece in, and I was just in my basement in my sweats looking through the stuff, and I could sort of deliver the lines while someone was doing all the talking and ceremony. I’d be fine with that because I found the work fascinating,” Obama declared.

Ramaswamy is on to something.

Joe Biden is 81 and in serious physical and cognitive decline.

Polls show most Americans do not believe he is up for the job.

But what if Biden really isn’t the one in charge?

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