Vivek Ramaswamy just challenged the entire GOP field to stand for truth with this one big action

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President Trump’s newest indictment reeks of political prosecution.

This is especially true given Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton have both had questionable involvement with classified documents but are somehow escaping the scrutiny of federal law enforcement.

Now Vivek Ramaswamy just challenged the entire GOP field to stand for truth with this one big action.

Republican Presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy is not mincing words when it comes to charges against former President Donald Trump.

A strong challenge for principles over politics

In a challenge to fellow Republican and Democrat candidates about the charges against Trump, Ramaswamy said “I challenge every US Presidential candidate to join me in standing for TRUTH. Commit to pardon Donald Trump for these federal charges on Day 1, or explain why you won’t. No one should hide. Not Biden. Not DeSantis. Not Haley. Not Pence. Not RFK. Not Scott. Not anyone. Principles over politics.”

Ramaswamy: The donor class won’t like this idea

Taking a direct shot at the powerful influences attempting to shape the GOP Primary contest, Ramaswamy acknowledged that doing what he asked would be difficult for his opponents.

He said “the reason it’s gonna be difficult for them is the same reason it’s difficult for me. The donor class has been calling every Republican candidate and telling us to stay away from this, not to touch it from a ten-foot pole. Keep your distance away from Trump, that’s what the donor class is telling us. That’s what they’re telling the other candidates. I refuse to abide by being a disciple of the donor class. I think that we need to declare independence from our donor class and the Republican Party. That is why I challenge every one of the other candidates to actually act on their convictions.”

Ramaswamy continued by saying that “if you’re not gonna pardon President Trump in January 2025, you deserve to say why. We will hold you accountable just as we’re holding the Biden administration accountable. That’s what we need more of in this country: honesty, integrity, and actual purpose for our country in a way that puts America first, not our political interests first.”

Trump appeared Tuesday in Miami for his arraignment, where he strongly denied the allegations of wrongdoing.

Ramaswamy called the indictment against Trump “an affront to every citizen” and pledged to pardon him if he won the White House.

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