Wealthy Democrats are crying poverty after Ron DeSantis calls their bluff

Thanks to the clever immigration policy of several red state Governors, Democrats are finally getting a tiny taste of how costly illegal immigration can be for any given community. 

Despite declaring themselves so-called “sanctuary cities,” Democrats are not happy about receiving busloads of illegal aliens at all. 

Now some wealthy Democrats are even going as far as to cry poverty after Ron DeSantis called their bluff. 

Red state Governors have forced wealthy Democrats to put their money where their mouth is

There are few politicians who are as skillful as Ron DeSantis. 

DeSantis knows exactly how to stick it to the Left, and bring out the worst in these crybabies. 

And it goes without saying that his latest move does not disappoint. 

Over the last several months or so, DeSantis and some other red state Governors have been bussing illegal aliens to liberal-dominated areas such as New York City, Chicago, and last week DeSantis flew 50 to the liberal island haven of Martha’s Vineyard. 

These Democrat-run areas have all decided to declare themselves “sanctuary cities” meaning that illegal aliens can stay there without fear of prosecution from local officials. 

However, now that these illegals are actually going to these areas, Democrats are outraged due to the inherent economic problems their unexpected presence creates.  

Go figure. 

The most hilarious example of wealthy Democrat elites crying poverty comes from the posh vacation destination Martha’s Vineyard, which is home to the most snobbish and wealthiest of America’s left-wing elitists. 

In fact, Democrat Representative Bill Keating of Massachusetts, who represents Martha’s Vineyard, took to CNN to voice his complaints. 

On CNN’s Newsroom, Keating claimed “That’s part of the cynical nature of this. Martha’s Vineyard is a very small populated island. People commute from the land just to work there because there’s no housing. So, there are absolutely no resources to deal with this.” 

Why it is hard to feel bad for Democrats right now

It is pretty hard to feel bad for Democrats who are feeling – or pretending to – any amount of strains from illegal immigration. 

For decades, border states such as Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico have bore the brunt of this overcrowding and many school districts and communities have been ravaged by mass migration. 

Communities like Martha’s Vineyard do not have any illegal immigrants to speak of, making it very easy to pass legislation like “sanctuary city” status, which only encourages immigrants to come to communities on the border. 

It is about time that Democrats put their money where their mouth is, but as you know by now this is not how the Left operates. 

The Left will whine and complain until Joe Biden does something about it, without learning a single lesson. 

Democrats in Martha’s Vineyard need to realize that their little posh island is not a representation of how the rest of America lives on a day-to-day basis. 

If they want to pass insanely stupid legislation like declaring themselves a sanctuary city, then they need to be prepared to deal with the consequences of mass illegal immigration it encourages. 

At this point, the best thing Ron DeSantis can do is to keep sending illegals up to Martha’s Vineyard and other places until the message is received loud and clear.

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