What Michelle Obama just said about the next election will make everyone sick

Photo by Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr, https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/

Michelle Obama is gearing up for the 2024 election.

The former First Lady is making it clear that she will do whatever it takes to defeat Donald Trump.

And what Michelle Obama just said about the next election will make everyone sick.

Michelle Obama appeared on CBS Mornings to promote her new book, The Light We Carry Overcoming in Uncertain Times.

But left-wing host Gayle King showed the true purpose of the interview was to push the Democrat Party’s political messaging for the 2024 election.

Democrats hope to replay the strategy they used in 2022, which depended on the Fake News Media and hundreds of millions of dollars in attack ads lying about Republicans being extremists because GOP candidates believe in protecting Constitutional rights.

Blaming Republicans for every criminal act of madness is one of the centerpieces of this campaign strategy.

And Michelle Obama was all too happy to play her part and read the script attacking the Second Amendment.

In discussing a recent spate of tragedies, Michelle Obama blamed the Second Amendment for left-wing domestic terrorists carrying out shootings.

“We’re the only developed country on the planet where citizens have unfettered access to firearms, ” Obama lamented. ”That is not a good thing.”

The two events Obama seized on to show why the government needed to pass more gun control measures were a transgender domestic terrorist murdering six innocent victims at a Nashville Christian school and a 25 year-old-commercial developer shooting five at a bank in Louisville.

The real issue at hand was politically motivated violence by the Left, but Michelle Obama and the Fake News Media wanted to fool the public into thinking America has a gun problem.

Since the killers legally purchased their weapons, both of these cases proved once again that gun control is a miserable failure.

King then set up Obama to make her 2024 pitch to voters to elect more gun grabbers.

“Do you think we can ever reconcile gun violence in this country?” King asked.

“I hope and pray that enough becomes enough,” Obama responded. “We wondered that throughout our entire Presidency.”

Obama then implored leftists to turn out and vote because the only way to ban and confiscate firearms is if Democrats won enough races to win control of the Presidency and big enough majorities in both Houses of Congress to eliminate the filibuster.

“More of us have to feel strongly about it, particularly our young people. This is where democracy comes in,” Obama added.

“Voting – all of this stuff – is decided in the ballot box,” Obama concluded.

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