What this CNN reporter said about inflation will leave you speechless

The Fake News Media is full of pretty people who say good words but aren’t talented enough to become actors.

But on rare occasions, one of these progressive puppets will say something that isn’t a Democrat talking point and cause leftists to freak out about it for 24 hours before they are outraged by something else.

And what CNN’s Jake Tapper just said about inflation might indicate that he’s stumbled upon one of those aforementioned occasions.

Democrats and journalists sitting in a tree . . .

Throughout the 2020 Presidential election and even to this day, the Fake News Media has been doing everything they can to save Joe Biden’s Presidency.

From repeating the White House’s lies about inflation, the economy, and the coronavirus to ignoring major stories like Biden’s border crisis, these so-called journalists have done it all for Joe Biden.

Unfortunately, this is how they’ve always treated Democrat Presidents and politicians.

And it’s how the Fake News Media will continue to treat Democrats until they eventually put themselves out of business.

However, after the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Consumer Price Index skyrocketed to an annual rate of  9.1 percent in June, which is a 1.3 percent increase from May, the Fake News Media knew they had to start doing their jobs and hold the Biden administration accountable.

Numbers so bad even CNN couldn’t lie about them

According to research produced by the Heritage Foundation, over the past eighteen months American workers have lost over three thousand four hundred dollars in annual wages due to Joe Biden’s inflation causing agenda.

But as if that wasn’t bad enough for Biden, a recent Quinnipiac poll showed that ninety seven percent of Americans believe that inflation is either a problem or a full blown crisis.

Make no mistake about it, inflation doesn’t care about your political ideology or party.

It is hurting everyone, including people who actually watch CNN.

So much so that the so-called “most trusted name in news” asked Cecilia Rouse, the chair of the White House Council of Economic Advisors to appear on The Lead with Jake Tapper.

While on the show, Tapper asked Rouse if Biden was planning on repealing trade tariffs to help save us from the inflation crisis his failed Leftist policies have caused.

Clearly taken aback by Tapper’s fairly straightforward question, Rouse responded by saying “There’s a variety of estimates as to what the impact of rolling back the tariffs would have on the price levels. And we understand it would have at least a modest effect on price levels. But the president is reviewing the tariffs. It is complicated. It is part of the tools the president is considering deploying at this time.”

Tapper, who was rightly angered by the non-answer he received, then proceeded to tear into this White House mouthpiece.

“I just feel like every month one of you nice people from the White House comes on the show to talk about inflation, and you talk about these tools in the president’s tool kit and you don’t use them. You don’t use these tools. And you know, there’s debating and discussing going on, and meanwhile, prices are still going up,” Tapper said.

Cecilia Rouse then attempted to put the blame on Congress and seemingly tried to shame them for not spending even more of your tax dollars. 

“It’s a great time for Congress to act on these important economic initiatives,” Rouse said.

But Tapper was having none of it and then proceeded to say probably one of the most, if not the first, honest things he’s ever said.

“He’s the Democrat President and the Congress is controlled by Democrats, so it’s not as though you don’t have each other’s phone numbers,” said Tapper.

While it is refreshing to hear someone else in the media attempt to hold the Biden administration accountable for their failures, what’s worse is that it took forty year high inflation rates to force the media to actually do it.

But what’s even more frightening is that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of “journalists” out there who either can not or will not hold the Democrats accountable.

Whether or not more media figures will follow Tappers lead remains to be seen.

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