What this mother spent her Christmas doing for one elderly man will restore your faith in humanity

The current state of society has certainly given people plenty of reason to be pessimistic about the future of humanity.

With the world seemingly gone mad it’s hard to find any reason not to be.

But what this mother spent her Christmas doing for one elderly man will restore your faith in humanity.

A good Samaritan

While Americans across the nation were celebrating Christmas, a vicious winter storm swept throughout the northern half of the U.S., especially devastating the northeast.

Sha’Kyra Aughtry, her three children, and her boyfriend were attempting to wait out the storm inside their Buffalo home on Christmas Eve when they heard a noise outside.

The noise, as Aughtry put it, was Joe White, a mentally disabled 67-year-old man, “being blown up and down the street” and crying out for help, as he apparently got trapped in the blizzard and couldn’t find his way home.

Not missing a beat, Aughtry and her boyfriend proceeded to brave the storm to get to White and bring him back into their home where they were able to treat his wounds, and get him cleaned up and fed.

Obviously, once they were able to get the man inside, Aughtry attempted to call 9-1-1 for medical assistance, but with the storm, there were obviously plenty of emergencies being called in and getting to the location was nearly impossible.

After waiting over 36 hours for help, Aughtry finally took to Facebook Live to tell the story and make a plea for any help they could get, as White wasn’t in the best shape.

“I’ve had this man since 6:37 yesterday morning,” she explained in the video. “They keep telling me I was on a list. But I don’t want to be on no list. This man is not about to die over here!”

She also explained that when she got him into her home, the bags White was carrying were literally frozen to his hands, and she had to use a blowdryer to detach them.

A happy ending

After waiting more than two days and caring for White like her own the entire time, help finally arrived and transported the man to a Buffalo hospital where he could receive the medical attention he needed.

A co-worker of White’s took to social media to explain that because of his mental disability, White “did not understand the true severity of the storm.”

“During the December blizzard of 2022, my friend and North Park employee of ~40 years Joe White suffered severe frostbite on his hands,” Chris Dearing wrote on a GoFundMe page setup to help cover White’s medical bills. “Disoriented and crying out for help, he miraculously found himself at the doorstep of Sha’Kyra Rain Aughtry — a total stranger — who put her Christmas plans aside and tended to his wounds the best she could.”

Currently, close to $100,000 has been raised for White and his medical expenses.

Furthermore, Dearing was so thankful for what Aughtry did for White, he also set up a GoFundMe page in the hopes she would get rewarded for her selflessness.

“Sha’Kyra did all of this without any thought of reward, but she deserves one, and so does her family,” the page entitled “Bless Sha’Kyra Rain Aughtry for Saving Joe’s Life” reads. “She’s a hard-working young mother, and I want to show her at least a fraction of the support she gave my friend Joe.”

So far, more than $167,000 has been raised for Aughtry and her family.

This just goes to show that there are still plenty of good people in this world.

Even if the corporate-controlled media will never talk about them.

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