White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre made a fool out of Joe Biden with this outrageous claim about the economy

It’s been less than a month since Jen Psaki left her position as Press Secretary for a role at MSNBC.

But Psaki’s replacement is already making major mistakes.

And White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre made a fool out of Joe Biden with this outrageous claim about the economy.

In May, the United States inflation rate soared to 8.6%, which is the highest-level in the past 41 years.

Polls now consistently show that the economy, specifically skyrocketing inflation, is a top concern for Americans heading into the November Midterm elections.

But instead of trying to solve the problem, the Biden administration refuses to accept any of the blame, claiming that it’s all the fault of “Putin’s price hike.”

Not only that, but aside from shifting the blame, Joe Biden is attempting to convince the American people that the economy is improving.

The economy is in a “better place”

On Tuesday, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said that the economy is “in a better place than it has been historically.”

“We understand that people are feeling — feeling this,” Jean-Pierre began. “They are feeling the increase of prices, which — with food, in particular, right now, and gas,” she continued, before adding, “that is something that we understand.” 

Jean-Pierre is correct about the American people suffering from skyrocketing inflation.

But Jean-Pierre made the most outrageous claim about the economy by the Biden administration yet.

“What we’re trying to say, what I’m trying to say to you is that the economy is in a better place than it has been historically,” Jean-Pierre said.

“We are in a good position to really start really working on lowering prices,” she continued.

“What we’re saying is that we were in a different place a year ago, and now we are in a much better place economically,” Jean-Pierre added.


Conflicting messaging from the administration leaves consumers confused

On the same day Jean-Pierre assured the American people the economy was in a “better place” than it has been historically and that Joe Biden was working to solve the inflation crisis, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said the opposite.

“I do expect inflation to remain high, although I very much hope that it will be coming down now,” Yellen said during Tuesday’s testimony before the Senate Finance Committee.

“I think that bringing inflation down should be our number one priority,” she added.

Even though Yellen had a different message than Jean-Pierre on whether or not inflation was here to stay, they both parroted the phony narrative that the Biden administration “has done everything that they can” to lower gas prices.

Of course, this is laughable at best.

Joe Biden’s policies created the skyrocketing gas prices.

Joe Biden canceled the Keystone XL Pipeline and ended any new oil and gas drilling on federal lands.

Furthermore, Biden’s administration has been leaning on financial institutions to coerce them into refusing to finance new oil and gas drilling projects.

The unfortunate reality for the American people is that Joe Biden and the Democrats want gas prices to skyrocket because they believe it helps them push their radical green agenda as the “solution” to high gas prices.

But the American people aren’t buying it.

A recent ABC News/Ipsos poll found 72 percent of voters disapprove of Biden’s handling of gas prices.

The same poll found 90 percent of respondents said that gas prices will be “extremely/very/somewhat” important when it comes to their vote for Congress in November.

With the Midterm elections less than five months out, the political atmosphere is dire for Democrats.

And as long as Biden’s mouthpieces continue to shift the blame and try to convince the American people that the economy is “better” than ever, the atmosphere will only get worse for Democrats by November.

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