Whoopi Goldberg revealed the disgusting depths of her dedication to the Biden administration

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Joe Biden is on the ropes after an embarrassing performance in the first Presidential debate.

The media has mostly turned on Biden and the pressure is mounting for him to drop out of the race.

But Whoopi Goldberg revealed the disgusting depths of her dedication to the Biden administration.

Stephen King and Rob Reiner pull out the knives for Joe Biden

Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen a departure from the radical Left’s unwavering support for President Biden. 

After years of making excuses for his gaffes and his obvious cognitive decline, they’ve now got their knives out and are aiming for his back. 

Prominent leftists in Hollywood have even come out in favor of his resignation. 

“Joe Biden has been a fine President, but it’s time for him — in the interests of the America he so clearly loves — to announce he will not run for reelection,” Stephen King wrote on X. 

Rob Reiner also chimed in and said that it is “time to stop f****** around.” 

“If the Convicted Felon wins, we lose our Democracy. Joe Biden has effectively served the US with honor, decency, and dignity. It’s time for Joe Biden to step down,” he said.

But some leftist cultural icons aren’t ready to back down from supporting Biden.

“I step in so much poo, you can’t even imagine”

Whoopi Goldberg took a defensive stance for Biden in a disgusting rant this week on The View

The hosts were discussing the calls for Biden’s resignation and whether they believed he should stay in the race. 

Goldberg said he “had a bad night,” but admitted that she’s not ready to accept any changes. 

“I don’t care if he can’t put a sentence together. Show me he can’t do the job, and then I’ll say, okay, maybe it’s time to go,” she said. 

But she considered another hypothetical situation in the crazy rant. 

“I don’t care if he pooped his pants,” she said. “ have poopy days all the time. All the time.”

“I step in so much poo, you can’t even imagine,” she added. 

The disgusting comments quickly went viral on social media. 

Some users pointed to a strange squat Biden did at a D-Day ceremony in Normandy last month.

It appears that maybe Goldberg has seen that footage, but she’s still giving Biden one more chance.

Joe Biden “is the human being standing between us and Donald Trump”

Goldberg went on to say that she may be willing to reconsider her commitment to Biden if he does poorly in the next debate. 

But she’s concerned about the challenge of removing him from the ballot.

“When we tried to do that with [Trump], everyone said ‘No, no, no, the people chose him.  We can’t take him off the ballot,” she said.

Goldberg said she doesn’t “understand why anybody thinks this stuff is gonna be any easier to take Biden off the ballot.”

She said that he also had a “bad night” at his first Primary debate in 2020.

But she said that he came back prepared to shine at the next debate. 

“There are two debates, and if he can’t do what he needs to do for the second debate, I’ll join any crew that says get rid of him,” she said. 

But she said it’s important to remain “loyal.”

“Joe Biden is the nominee,” she said. “He is the human being standing between us and Donald Trump.”

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