Whoopi Goldberg said three words about Fox News and Paul Pelosi that had viewers up in arms

America is more divided than at any time in recent memory and the media has a large role in this division. 

The media constantly pits neighbors against each other for the sake of ratings and America is suffering as a result. 

But Whoopi Goldberg said three words about Fox News and Paul Pelosi that had viewers up in arms.

The corporate-controlled media is purposefully ripping America apart

The truth is, Americans are more saturated with news than ever before. 

Unsurprisingly, this exposure to the corporate-controlled media has torn America apart. 

This divisiveness was on full display recently when washed-up actress Whoopi Goldberg took to The View to spread lies and hatred. 

When talking about the mysterious attack on Paul Pelosi by an illegal alien, Whoopi Goldberg claimed, “Fox News, some of this is on your hands. Some of this is on your hands. You like to call people out. Well, I’m calling you all out. Stop with the ‘that side is not good.’ Because this is what it puts out there, it has tells people that you think it’s OK to do this. Stop doing it.”

Whoopi’s direct attack on Fox News is not just bogus, but it is also laughably hypocritical. 

The View and Whoopi Goldberg have made a living out of pitting Americans against each other.

During almost every segment, the hosts of The View spout off bigoted, elitist dribble about conservatives, calling them “facists” and so forth. 

As far as the attack on Paul Pelosi is concerned, the details are still very hazy.

It is very irresponsible for The View to be pushing these sorts of narratives without confirming their facts. 

Even though The View is notorious for this type of behavior, it is still repulsive and in poor form. 

Americans must turn their backs on hateful programming like The View

Whoopi Goldberg has caused tremendous damage to America and until she and her far-left co-hosts are off the air, then this will only get worse.

Americans are sick and tired of watching out of touch, low-IQ women who have not worked a real job in decades, if ever, preach to them.

What people do not understand is that divisive and baseless comments like the ones Whoopi Goldberg made about the Paul Pelosi attack are very much planned. 

The View and shows like it will always divide America for one reason – viewers. 

Americans are pitted against their neighbors, which is partly why crime has skyrocketed. 

The Left kept people cooped up and isolated for years in some cases, which is also contributing to this bitterness and division. 

The time for America to embrace people who are not like them, and to reject the radical Left is way past due. 

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