You won’t believe what NBC is pushing for the government to do now

NBC News is fully vested in the continuance of the perpetual COVID pandemic.

Instead of following the real science, NBC News personalities are now trying to tell the scientists what to do.

And you won’t believe what NBC is pushing for the government to do now.

The U.S. Surgeon General was recently interviewed by NBC’s Lester Holt.

During the interview, Surgeon General Vivek Murthy admitted all the evidence shows that the new Omicron variant is mild and there is no cause for a public panic.

But this expert answer didn’t sit well with the NBC News Anchor.

Holt believes the Surgeon General and the rest of the U.S. Government should be scaring people and causing a panic.

“Do you fear that people will take [not scaring people] as a license to go forward with their life knowing that they are infected?” Holt asked Murthy.

Holt is saying the quiet part out loud.

The Fake News outlets don’t want people to move forward living their lives – they’re committed to creating a “new normal” where government control and citizen compliance is a forever way of life.

The fact is, Omicron is taking over for the Delta variant, as it is far more contagious.

However, Omicron is by far the least severe variant of the coronavirus.

Instead of celebrating what should be the end of lockdowns and mandates, Holt is telling the Surgeon General of the United States to scare the American people.

“We’re seeing some cities take measures to protect their populations from this particular variant, but nothing in the way of lockdowns,” Holt said to Murthy. “As a health professional, someone who’s committed to protecting the health of the American people, wouldn’t you recommend that we self-lockdown, that we begin to change our lifestyle and dial back on all fronts?”
Viruses evolve.

They morph in an effort to stay alive and spread to the most people possible.

This is exactly what we’ve seen with Omicron – a wide-spread virus with minimal health impacts.

Yet, Lester Holt and NBC News insist on ignoring the science and forcing Americans to “dial back” their lives.