You won’t believe who wants to buy CNN

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CNN is the poster child for media outlets that pretend to be news organizations but work as rapid response operations for the Democrat Party.

But the American people are wising up and CNN’s ratings are in a free fall.

And now you won’t believe who wants to buy CNN.

Former network President Jeff Zucker admitted publicly for the first time that he would consider putting together a group to purchase CNN should it ever hit the market.

“Some day if it were available, like any other great asset, we would look at it,” Zucker said at the Yahoo Finance Invest Conference. “That’s not to say yes or no, it’s just to say it’s a great asset and if the time came, we would look at it.”

No one did more to destroy the credibility and viewership of CNN than former network President Jeff Zucker.

After Donald Trump won the 2016 election, Zucker elected to position CNN as the voice of the “resistance” to Trump and only put talent on the air – be they Democrat or Republican – who hated Trump and would feed left-wing America a steady diet of outrage porn about his Presidency.

The strategy paid off for a short period of time, as CNN – as well as all other cable news networks – racked up record ratings for the 2020 election.

But CNN lost the main character in this story after Trump left office, and soon no CNN show in primetime could draw an audience of one million viewers.

CNN was absorbed into the Warner Brothers Discovery fold during a corporate merger.

Management forced out Zucker over a sex scandal where he wasn’t truthful with his bosses about his relationship with a fellow CNN executive.

Warner Brothers Discovery CEO David Zaslav wanted to pivot CNN away from 24/7 Trump hatred back to being an actual news network like it was during the Gulf War in 1991 when cable news really started to hit its stride.

Zaslav installed Chris Licht as CNN’s boss with a mandate to move the network to the middle.

But left-wing staffers loyal to Zucker made Licht’s life at CNN a living hell with a sustained leak campaign to the press.

As a result, Licht was out after a little more than a year.

Many in the media suspected Zucker was the ringleader of the anti-Licht effort since he wanted to set up a scenario where he could lead a group to purchase CNN.

Warner Brothers Discovery went through massive cost cutting measures – Zaslav canceled movies in production like Batgirl for tax write off purposes and shuttered the CNN+ streaming service that was the centerpiece of Zucker’s plan to make CNN a sustainable business model going forward.

There have been whispers that Zaslav’s next move would be to spin off distressed financial assets like CNN.

And Zucker just confirmed that where there is smoke – there is fire.

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